R-SPEC PRO INR26650 + 5000mAh Battery - CountyComm
R-SPEC PRO INR26650 + 5000mAh Battery - CountyComm
R-SPEC PRO INR26650 + 5000mAh Battery - CountyComm

R-SPEC PRO INR26650 + 5000mAh Battery

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Keep a spare 26650 battery with you when on the go for your XL Ultra Flashlight to double your runtime.

( Spare Battery Only )

Order The -  XL Ultra 26650 Extreme Rechargeable LED Flashlight by Maratac 

( Here )


 - Remove yellow safety cover at bottom of cell before first use -

Customer Reviews

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Last very long time even with the powerful flashlight

Countycom did the research and found the ideal battery I see no point in finding or hunting for something else

County Comm is Awesome!

Everything I have have ever ordered from County Comm has been as described if not better, and a great value for the money! Thank you...

R-SPEC PRO INR26650 Flashing light batter.

It arrived quickly and ready to go... I've got with my flashlight and hope not to have to use it soon. The charging system in the flashlight is a real boon, since I've got a solar powered battery charger that will undoubtedly come in handy.

Best batteries for the XL flashlight.

These batteries give me a good week of use and the charge rather quickly. One more thing about charging, these batteries have a PCB keeping it from overcharging or exploding which will protect you and those around you. Lastly 26650 means 26mm diameter and 650mm tall. In this case this battery is called INR26650+ so it is about 655mm maybe +/- 2mm in length. I know this because they would not fit another device due to the length but the flashlight will fit fine and fits regular 26650 batteries just as well but why would you use anything else :).

Great light!

This is the second light I have purchased and both are very nice. I have a few flashlights that are much large and not as bright. Perfect size
To keep in the car

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