SWAT-T - ( 3 In 1 ) - CountyComm
SWAT-T - ( 3 In 1 ) - CountyComm

SWAT-T - ( 3 In 1 )

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  • SWAT-T Tourniquet:  (Stretch, Wrap, And Tuck-Tourniquet) This is the true multi-tool of tourniquets. Its small compact size makes it easy to carry. It can function as a Tourniquet, a pressure bandage, an elastic bandage. One of its unusual features includes the ability to function around small limbs. This is important when dealing with both children and K9s.  (Other tourniquets have problems with small limbs.)

Minimum recommended operating temp. -65 Degree F (-53 Degree C) Maximum recommended operating temp. 180 Degree F (82 Degree C) Preferred long-term storage conditions cool and dry environment.


  • SWAT-T™ has been heavily researched and it is field proven.

Easy To Use

  • Simple application method. Effectively apply in seconds with little to no prior training.


  • Effective for self-application. Effective even in wet/bloody conditions.
  • Successes in pediatrics, adults, and canine after other tourniquets failed.

Cost Effective

  • SWAT-T™ is 1/3 of the cost of other market leading tourniquets.

Additional Benefits

  • Higher axillary and groin applications!
  • Wider = Safer - Better occlusion at lower pressures!
  • High axillary, Pediatric, and K9 saves after strap/windlass failures!
  • Rescue Orange - developed for Fire/EMS, School Resource Officers, outdoor enthusiasts (hunters/hikers/etc.), and home usage. Bright color makes the SWAT-T™ easier to identify, and therefore safer.


  • UV-resistant bag
  • Latex free

Customer Reviews

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Excellent products and service.

The items I ordered were of excellent quality. The service and delivery were fast. Their product lines are on point.


It's in my medical go bags in both my vehicles. The instructions make it easy to use with quick review.

No-brainer safety tool

Simple, robust and easy to use. This is a great item for home, EDC, or in a full emergency med kit. With the instructions right on the item, there is no fumbling for a tiny sheet instructions. The fact that it can be used on dogs and smaller people really adds to it's handiness. Fits in a pocket, small pouch or just about anywhere in a ruck or sling bag. Do you have a good reason not to carry one?

Multi-use item

I hope I never have to use this item. I work in a school, and the fact that this TK adapts to a variety of limb sizes, as well as working as a pressure bandage, makes it an attractive FAK addition. It will also adapt to my pointer, just in case. Easy to carry.

Hope I won’t have to use this

The s product appears to be as advertised. Emergency use only.

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