Grilliput Quattro BBQ ( 2 Pack )
Grilliput Quattro BBQ ( 2 Pack )
Grilliput Quattro BBQ ( 2 Pack )
Grilliput Quattro BBQ ( 2 Pack )
Grilliput Quattro BBQ ( 2 Pack )
Grilliput Quattro BBQ ( 2 Pack ) - CountyComm
Grilliput Quattro BBQ ( 2 Pack ) - CountyComm

Grilliput Quattro BBQ ( 2 Pack )

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Qty 2 x Grilliput Quattro BBQ


Grill on the go! Bring it backpacking, boating or on the beach—the Grilliput Quattro is lightweight and assembles quickly. Use it to grill over a FireBowl™ filled with fuel and cook enough food for 4-6 people. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, it’s beefy, beautiful, easy to clean and deconstructs like a minimalist’s dream. It comes apart in seconds; all pieces fit together neatly in one of the grill's side rails.

Fits in a compact self-enclosed Stainless Steel tube.


  • The collapsible grill serves 4-6 people.
  • Constructed from dishwasher-safe stainless steel with adjustable-height aluminum legs.
  • Tension-Interlock System™ provides extra support and stability for heavier foods.
  • Hot Dog Zone has narrower spacing between grill rods to keep smaller foods on the grill.
  • Hot Grips™ are heat-resistant, silicone rubber finger grips that allow you to touch the hot grill, pan or foods.
  • Components conveniently store inside the side rails and are capped with the Hot Grips grill grabbers.
  • Includes 2 side rails, 18 grill rods, 2 tension bars, 4 grill legs, and 2 Hot Grips™.
  • Dishwasher safe.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions - packed: 17" x 1.75" (43 cm x 4 cm)
  • Dimensions - bbq area: 16" x 17" (41 cm x 43 cm)
  • Weight: 2 lbs. (0.91kg)

    Matches Not Included & Sold Separately - UCO Storm Proof Matches


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    firefly (Newark, US)
    As yet untested

    This grill looks to be a quality and sturdy tool. A bit heavy for a backpack so it will go into my truck.

    Taylor Ellis (Waipahu, US)
    Most fun

    This grill is perfect for our open fire camp cooking.
    I like that is comes completely apart so it’s easy to clean without the corners that come from a grill that is one piece.
    The only criticism is that it’s close together in the middle so that food doesn’t fall through, but gets farther apart towards the edges and food falls through.
    They market the center as a feature but why not make the entire surface like the center? It would probably only take a few more spokes.

    Daryl Kenoyer (Portland, US)
    Grill review

    Great compact grill for the price. Hold together securely, easy to clean and easy to assemble. As with any gear, practice once or twice before field use. After use I scrub the big chucks off and throw it in a dishwasher if available and it ready go back in your pack or trunk.

    DMA (Avon, US)

    Good Biuld quality, Too Heavy to carry, but taking on a Lama supported backpacking trip.

    Ed Smith (Martinsville, US)

    I don’t know why folks aren’t buying these up in loads - great grill for camping. Super for on the go camping and two for one. Get off your asses and buy you some of these if you’re on the fence. Fits in my pack easily and they are super light. We take a cast iron grill (not me - my jar-head friend) on a six hour float to a camp ground and now we won’t have to lug another piece up the banks. We should be lugging up beers/booze not camping equipment. Highly recommended but it is a little low - you might need some rocks and a dug out for this grill over a fire. Trust me - it is well built and will last you a lifetime unless you’re dumb at putting basic square pieces into basic square holes.....

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