Quad Flood E14 Telescopic Dual 18650 / 18350 Mankerlight Flashlight Kit
Quad Flood E14 Telescopic Dual 18650 / 18350 Mankerlight Flashlight Kit
Quad Flood E14 Telescopic Dual 18650 / 18350 Mankerlight Flashlight Kit
Quad Flood E14 Telescopic Dual 18650 / 18350 Mankerlight Flashlight Kit
Quad Flood E14 Telescopic Dual 18650 / 18350 Mankerlight Flashlight Kit

Quad Flood E14 Telescopic Dual 18650 / 18350 Mankerlight Flashlight Kit

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Quad Emitter - Flood -> Insane 4000 Lumens

Unleash the Power of Tactical Illumination: Quad Flood Mankerlight E14 - Your Ultimate EDC Flashlight

  1. Dominating Illumination in a Compact Form - The Mankerlight E14 stands as a testament to compact potency, measuring a mere 3.23 inches (82 mm) in length and weighing only 2.43 ounces (69 grams). Don't be fooled by its size, as it harnesses the might of four cutting-edge SAMSUNG LH351D LED emitters, seamlessly combined with precision digital optics technology. Brace yourself for an expansive and all-encompassing 4,000-lumen output, casting a colossal floody beam that leaves no corner in the dark.

  2. Unyielding Performance, Dual Fuel Dominance - Uniting Power without Pause - The E14 IV's superiority doesn't halt at its compact dimensions; it boldly embraces dual fuel efficiency. It accommodates both the 18350 and 18650 batteries without necessitating a tedious battery tube swap, ensuring a relentless and uninterrupted source of energy.

  3. Crafted for Resilience and Durability - Forged in the Fires of Hardened Engineering - The E14 emerges battle-hardened, its aluminum shell boasting a Type III Hard anodized and color anodized finish. An impregnable fortress with an IP67 rating, this flashlight can withstand submersion up to 2 meters underwater. The heart of its might lies within its high-efficiency constant current circuit, flanked by temperature regulation set at 55°C. The innovative thermoelectric separation technology further elevates its performance.

  4. Battle-Tested Interface for the Warriors - Navigating Brilliance with Ease - The E14 IV's command is at your fingertips with its streamlined and intuitive user interface. A single click commands the lights to rise or dim, a double click sends forth the turbocharged brilliance, while a triple click ignites the strobe. And the memory function is your trusty ally, always rekindling the last-used general mode.

  5. Embrace the Shadows with Precision - Unlocking the Secrets of Moonlight - True aficionados of tactical brilliance will revel in the clandestine engineering mode, where the depths of moonlight are yours to mold. While 1 lumen is pre-set for the ordinary, the extraordinary beckons those with a penchant for the subtler art of luminescence. Seek enlightenment as low as 0.01 lm or ascend to greater luminosity in the ECO mode. A tutorial video awaits your request to harness this hidden power.

  6. Magnetically Anchored, Hands-Free Domination - Forging Ahead with Tactical Supremacy - The E14 IV's magnetic tail-cap effortlessly clings to metal surfaces, affording you the freedom to conquer challenges with both hands at your disposal, even in the midst of the action.

  7. Relentless Power, Reimagined Charging - Leading the Charge with Tactical Innovation - A package as robust as the E14 IV contains a Type-C USB 18350 battery, a 1100mAh powerhouse. Armed with a built-in charging port, it exudes maximum strength with a continuous discharge current of 15 Amps. Its appetite for power is satiated through rapid 3 Amp charging or C to C charging with PD chargers.

  8. The Gentle Mastery of Light - Harnessing the Brilliance of the E14 IV - A white filter graces the E14 IV, casting its floody beam with a gentleness that's perfect for proximate illumination. Its even distribution is tailor-made for expansive area lighting, painting your surroundings in a uniform glow.

  9. Redefining Preparedness - Red Filter for Vigilance - Should the call of duty demand urgency, the optional red filter steps in, accompanied by strobe, SOS, and beacon modes. These beacons of crimson light stand vigilant, ready to guide you through emergencies, cautionary moments, and traffic signals.

Illuminate Your Path with Commanding Authority: Cool White Brilliance Empowered by a Mankerlight 3100mAh 18650 li-ion battery Moonlight: 2 lumens / Illuminating 158 hours Ultra Low 1: 100 lumens / Radiating 122 hours Ultra Low 2: 150 lumens / Shining 81 hours Low: 200 lumens / Enveloping 16 hours 57 minutes Medium: 750 lumens / Radiating 3 hours 15 minutes High: 1,200 lumens / Shining 2 hours 27 minutes Turbo: 4,000 lumens (with step-down) / Radiating 2 hours 7 minutes Strobe / Beacon / SOS: 4,000 lumens • Commanding peak beam intensity of 6,889 Candela • Conquering Beam Distance: 166 meters

• Working Voltage: 2.8 V - 4.4 V
• Driver: High Efficiency Constant Current Circuit (Non-PWM)
• Thermal Regulation: up to 55°C step-down
• Lower Voltage Indicator:
   - Battery voltage <2.9 V, flashlight downshifts to low level.
   - Battery voltage =2.8 V, flashlight turn off automatically
• Battery Voltage Indicator:
   - Battery voltage >3.4 V, blue light turn on and last 10 seconds
   - Battery voltage 3.4 V - 3.2 V, purple light turn on and last 10 seconds
   - Battery voltage 3.2 V - 2.8 V, red light constant-on
   - Battery voltage < 2.8 V, flashlight turn off automatically
• Battery Charging Indicator:
   - Battery is charging = red light constant-on,
   - Battery is full charged = green light constant-on
• User Interface:
• Body Material/Finish: Aerospace Aluminum Alloy with HA III hard anodizing +color anodizing
• Button Material: Aerospace Aluminum Alloy with black plated
• Contact Spring Retainer Material: Phosphore Bronze / Gold Plated
• Lens: Dual-sided AR coated, 99% transmittance toughened Glass
• Optic: 4 in 1 customized micro orange peel aluminum reflector with vacuum plated (By CNC machining)
• Lanyard hole: 0.1" / 2.5 mm (inner diameter)
• Size: 82 (Length) x 28 (Head diameter) x 25.9 (Tail diameter) mm;
          111.3(length) x 28 (Head diameter) x 25.9 (Tail diameter) mm
• Weight: 69 gram or 2.43 oz (With Battery)
• Impact Resistance: 1 meters
• Water Resistance: IP67, 2 m underwater for 30 minutes

Package content
1x Mankerlight E14 IV Flood LED flashlight
1x Mankerlight 1100mAh Type-C USB rechargeable high drain protected 18350 li-ion battery (new version)
1x Type-C USB charging cable
1x White filter
1x Lanyard
1x Spare O-ring
1x User manual

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Warning: This product may contains chemicals, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov