Sat-Com Bag by Maratac * REV 3 - CountyComm
Sat-Com Bag by Maratac * REV 3 - CountyComm
Sat-Com Bag by Maratac * REV 3 - CountyComm
Sat-Com Bag by Maratac * REV 3 - CountyComm
Sat-Com Bag by Maratac * REV 3 - CountyComm
Sat-Com Bag by Maratac * REV 3 - CountyComm
Sat-Com Bag by Maratac * REV 3 - CountyComm
Sat-Com Bag by Maratac * REV 3 - CountyComm

Sat-Com Bag by Maratac * REV 3

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This bag was originally designed to hold a military portable Satellite Communications Antenna. We quickly discovered that these make great day packs for day trips and bike rides. You will be surprised how much gear you will be able to fit inside it.

Yoga Mat Bag too..

  • 1" MOLLE webbing on 3 sides of the backpack and strap to allow you to add pouches so your bag can change with your mission.
  • 3” x 5” Velcro Loop patch to allow you to attach name tapes, contents labels or
  • Padded Adjustable shoulder strap allows bag to be worn around waist when needed.
  • Double YKK brand zipper openings on the backside of pack.
  • Quality materials used throughout: YKK Zippers, ITW Nexus SR (Side Release) Buckles and Real Velcro.
  • Two each, double zippered side compartments.
  • The internal cable pocket is ideal for water bladders. (Bladder not included) making this bladder compatible.
  • Colors: Olive Green
  • Size - 6"W x  6"D   20"H

Customer Reviews

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Awesome as usual

The bag is the perfect size.
With the larger models, the temptation is to fill
them up at which point they get a bit too heavy
to move fast.
The scalpel is around my neck on a paracord.
I’ve used it almost everyday since I put it on.
I see little reason to ever take it off.
Wish I’d had one since I was 11
years old...

Perfect carry case for 10/22 takedown

This bag is the perfect companion for my ruger 10/22 takedown. It has room for the rifle and 2 extra 25 round magazines. This is a plinkers dream!! The bag seems to be quality made also. I’ve always gotten good stuff from County Comm; can’t go wrong with them.

Needs bracing

Lots of potential here for an ideal edc. The problems I see holding this bag back from being the ultimate (imo) edc carry is that it needs supportive bracing pads to stabilize the wonkiness (sides), Also, the DUAL ZIPP seems a poor choice due (longevity) plus inevitable kinks unless ykk designs a perfect DUAL zipp, period.
Another annoying feature is the center fold flap that is hanging around. The feature makes sense, but is impracticle. Greyman philosophy not well thought out here regarding color, shade, light.

Perfect size

I use this as my radio pack containing handhelds, battery packs, roll-up antenna as well as a few small day pack/EDC items. Great size and, as usua, incredibly well made. Highly recommended.

Excellent uniquely shaped bag

I've been using this bag for 3 years or so as an aviation survival pak. It perfectly fits into a great stow spot (behind the rear seat) in a variety of tandem seat bush planes such as SuperCubs, Huskey's, Scouts, Carbon Cubs, L-19s, etc. The strap can tuck inside the bag for stow and be quickly deployed for over-the-shoulder carry. Mine is chucked completely full of gear & supplies. The length is perfect to go from side to side of the fuselage. I like the side pockets to stow items that might need to be accessible on a camping trip but without having to disturb the entire contents of the carefully arranged main compartment.

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