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EDC-Key Screwdriver ~
EDC-Key Screwdriver ~
EDC-Key Screwdriver ~

EDC-Key Screwdriver ~

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The amazing EDC-Key by Maratac™ was developed by EOD Robotics in 2008 for use by military robotics repair technicians.

  • The Unique Bi-Wing design provides amazing torque with just two fingers, yet is small enough to fit in your pocket.
  • The shank provides bit retention using a powerful Neodymium magnet.
  • Includes one machined Phillips and straight, hollow ground bit that is induction heat treated to Rockwell 52, but also fits standard 1/4" bits.
  • The handle is drilled for use on a key chain or tether cord.
  • Made in USA

EDC Color Thumb Cap Set

  • High visibility and easy to find in your EDC tool kit.
  • International Orange & Neon Green
  • Made in USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Perfect for what it is

Effective, as lightweight as practical, and budget friendly.
Standard bits and extensions fit into the plastic holder very well. The interior of the plastic holder is tapered, in order to hold bits in very well.

I recommend this to my friends, and to all handy-people.

Great addition to the keyring

When trying to unscrew something in a tight space, I can pop one of these caps on the end of the extended bits from my screw driver and get the job done. I also keep a full setup in each of my tool sets.

Useful screwdriver

I would not say it replaces a real screwdriver but does it come in handy in a pinch.


It's a handy tool, but the magnet inside the bit holder seemed to be crumbling. I noticed bits of something stuck to the bit when I first got it. More and more came out everything I pulled the bit out of the holder. I kept the tool on my keychain, but when I finally needed it the bit was missing because it fell out. I had to order another. It's in expensive but still a drag.

EDC screwdriver

This is a fantastic little tool, perfect to keep on your keychain. I definitely recommend purchasing the colored plastic caps to swap out the stock one. I placed the green one on my keychain and now at a glance I can find my keys. 10 out of 10!