Grab & Go First Aid Kit Gen 4 - CountyComm
Grab & Go First Aid Kit Gen 4 - CountyComm
Grab & Go First Aid Kit Gen 4 - CountyComm
Grab & Go First Aid Kit Gen 4 - CountyComm
Grab & Go First Aid Kit Gen 4 - CountyComm
Grab & Go First Aid Kit Gen 4 - CountyComm

Grab & Go First Aid Kit Gen 4

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County Comm took their Grab And Go First Aid Kit and made it better!

Now In OD Green!

The Grab & Go First Aid Kit contains all the necessary items needed to treat your simple everyday cuts and scratches in a small rugged water resistant package. Each item was hand selected as being both a necessary and quality for basic wound care, by a working Tactical Medic. These are quality First Aid items, no vinyl or cartoon bandages here. Real wound care for real working people.

But Wait, There's More: Gen 3 has a few big improvements:

Quality Far Exceeds Price ( Grab A Few For Family, Friends Or Even Strangers In Need )

3ea. 2” X 3” Fabric Bandages
3ea. Fabric Finger Tip Bandages
3ea. Fabric Knuckle Bandages
5ea. 7/8” X 3” Fabric Strip Bandages
4ea. Alcohol Prep Pad
4ea. Povidone-Iodine Prep Pad
3ea. Triple Antibiotic Ointment
1ea. 4” x 4” Gauze Pad
1ea. Full Size Combat Shears (New for Gen 3)
1 ea. Surgical Tape (New for Gen 3)
1 ea. Combat Reinforcement Tape (New for Gen 3)
1 ea. Compressed Gauze (New for Gen 3)
1 ea. Black MOLLE IFAK Medical Pouch (New for Gen 3)

The OD Green MOLLE IFAK Medical Pouch provides for flexible mounting options with plenty of room for adding items you need/want to carry, like tourniquets and chest seals, etc. 


Customer Reviews

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Good off the shelf value!

Its good value ready to go with a decent selection of products off the shelf ! The pouch has a fair amount of room to customize so throwing in a SWAT-T tourniquet, Israeli bandage and some superglue gives me an easy IFAK for the get home bag.

Hurricane Kit

I picked this up as a self contained first aid kit to put in the family hurricane evac bag. I’ve added some additional items to the basic included load and it’s great to have all the med supplies in one well made pouch. First rate piece of gear; hope not to need it anytime soon.

Great Kit!

This kit is a solid foundation, but the case it comes in has plenty of room to add more, like a tourniquet, other hemostatic items, bandaids, or whatever else you need. Definite room to grow into.

Better to have and not need

These kits are fantastic value, and small enough to stash in a pack or in your car in case of emergency. Better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

Quality First Aid Kit

This is a basic first aid kit BUT the contents are higher quality material(s) than your typical first aid kit. It is also a great platform to build a more comprehenisve / personalized kit. It is missing some basic items like gloves, a CPR mask, and compression gauze or ace bandages. I think if you add some gloves, CPR mask, some compression material, and maybe the SAM Bleeding Control Kit you'll have a really good, mobile, go-anywhere kit that is better than anything you can buy at your local drugstore. I plan on using mine as a car kit and hanging it on the back of the driver seat. That way it will be with me when I drive, go car camping, or hit the trail backpacking (I'll just grab it and throw it in my backpack) and I'm good-to-go. For the price, you can't go wrong.
**NOTE: not all the contents shown in the photos come with this kit. I added some items that I purchased seperetly. For a full list of stock contents please reference the products description page.

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