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Great Value

I've been wanting a 21700 light and at this price couldn't resist. Nice simple interface, press side switch to turn on then press again to change output. Longer press turns off. Side switch is illuminated and glows green when fully charged so you always have a good idea how much charge the battery has. Loosening the tail cap acts as a lockout and stops the small amount of drain from the glowing side switch. Low mode is sufficient light for anything you need to do inside and is enough for walking outside. Medium lights up the average size yard and High lights up two of the neighbor's yards as well. The light is comfortable in hand and fits in a pocket. Best of all it uses a USB-C charger, same as my cell phone, so I always have a charger, even in the car. I hope CC will provide run times for Medium and High.

I have reached bagvana

I like bags. There are many I have loved and lost. This bag is so dang good I promised the bag gods I would never part ways with it. Truly overbuilt and underpriced…thank you.

( Mega Big Daddy ) VIP Mystery Swagg Pack - Gen 7 ( July )
Nicholos freyburger (Albuquerque, US)
Box of amazing

What can I say this box is simply amazing all this stuff that you wanted that you never wanted to pull the trigger on is now included in the box and you'll be happy you made this decision..

TPSK - Titanium Precision Screwdriver Kit - Gen 2
Some Guy in Bay (Bay Village, US)
Great value. Solid construction.

Really a perfect nut driver for hand sized tasks. High quality bits, too. Love it.

Very nice light

Not a lumens expert by any means, but this flashlight has it all for me. Easy to figure out operating modes, and really too bright for my needs but hey you never know. Love the light green lit-up activation switch for finding the object in the dark.

Nice flashlight

Absolutely love my flashlight. It is very bright. The battery last pretty well. It is very well made.

Outstanding Customer Service - Love this watch

Ordered this a few months back, and it became my daily favorite. Had a small issue, contacted Mike at CC, and his response was immediate, with the problem remedied in a very short time. Thank you! Mike stands by his products, and I highly recommend his products wholeheartedly. Great company, great products, and outstanding customer service.

A Better Wrist Compass

I have been wearing name brand mini compasses on my watch strap for many years as my work often has me giving directions or being asked to report someplace specific, like "North Gate" in an area I have never been in before. The popular wrist watch band compasses are always small and tend to be influenced by the metal in my watch. This one is different. Very simple, clean face that is easy to read - even with my older eyes. Reacts quickly and simply without bouncing around. The bright tritium markings make it even better. Buying another for my son...

"MED" 2"X3" PVC Glow Patch
Wyobuy (Boardman, US)
Very Helpful

Having multiple bags this is great for getting the right and most important bag first thing without having to search

Very bright

I found this to be very sturdy and very bright the size is great as well

Wow impressive

So glad these were back in stock heavy duty and so useful no more knocking things off the nightstand trying to find what I need

Good product

Hey. Its not a full size crowbar, but its handy. It is strong, handy as an emergency hard pointy or flat object.

Plus, its TI. Titanium is not steel, but it’s pretty stout and weighs little. And it is fairly impervious to heat.

Amazing Watch

This watch looks like $5,000 on the wrist. I have Rolexes I have Seikos.... I have a lot of watches and this was definitely worthy of making the list. The Miyota mvmt is tried and true. And the value for a SOLID titanium watch bumper to bumper is astounding with this piece. Then throw in LumiNova lume and sapphire crystal, this watch is AMAZING.

Stop thinking about it and buy it.

Heavier than I expected

Nice and thick. The extra weight is nice as this keeps it in place on a smooth surface. The grippy texture on the bottom helps too. Silicone should hold up as a small trivet for hot pans.

Pro Intelligent Battery Charger
Abe Dooley (Indianapolis, US)
Perfect for the $$$

Best charger you're going to find for 10 bucks!

Delrin Battery Lockers (Waterproof) ~
Abe Dooley (Indianapolis, US)
Just what ya need!!

I've always hated using a flashlight that couldn't make it through just 1 day at work before sucking the battery dry. All because the thought of running around all day with lithium batteries and change and pocket lint in my pocket just seemed silly. And stupid. To me, if you're buying the batteries, these delrin lockers are a requirement!!!

right tool

Sharpened it on a belt sander. Now have a lightweight batoning blade or pocket froe. My knife can be light and sharp, performing its correct duty.

Great with one major flaw

So I love just about anything CC. This light is no exception, minus the button. Its nicely done but there is no guard around it and the slightest bump turns the light on. So pretty much rules out pocket carry for me anyway. Very bright for the size and easy to use. Love the moon mode too. As with everything CC its beautifully machined and reeks of quality.

Afterburner Glow Tag
Phillyjudge (Philadelphia, US)
We are so lucky

I buy pretty much every GITD product these fellas sell.

I totally agree with the comment below that their glow in the dark is second to none.

I have made my own GITD products and while they are functional, they do not have the beautiful daytime green appearance that these products have. With minimal charging, they absolutely glow brightly, all night. I have insomnia, I can attest to this.

I am an inveterate modifier. I buy their products, drill them, shape them, sand them, do all sorts of things to them to suit my needs: back spacers in knives, lanyard beads, keychains, I pretty much can’t leave well enough alone except for the “gears“… I haven’t messed with those.

These new tags are phenomenal. I sure will keep some intact, others, I’m going to slice and dice and add my own eyelets to.

Five stars.

Jumbo Parts Tray - Armorer - Non Slip
Lord Tom Tom (Charlotte, US)
Perfect addition

Edc tray or crafting... Keeping track of my pieces on this tray is great. Great visibility

Great buy.

Came razor sharp. Interesting design from tip to lanyard hole. Knife case was a good touch. Balanced very well between grip and blade. Nice grip for a big utility type knife. Jimping is cut perfectly, thumb doesn’t slip. The comes wit two different pocket clips; each side takes a different one to design. Comes with a wrench to change clips and adjust blade opening tension.

Tried some whittling, fine for normal notch work but not drilling holes. Tip is too broad for drilling a hole or working in a tight spot. Excellent at removing wood to make a point. Easily feathered a stick for a fire. Cut up some boxes. No issues cutting cord. All that and I used it several days at home and it was still hair popping sharp after all that. Edge is holding up well.

MaraSpec Glow Tape Roll
Brad Sotak (Shreveport, US)
Perfect alternative to paint

I am using this on watches and it is a perfect alternative to paint. It has an even glow and easier than paint in some applications like an entire dial

Watch Band Aficionado Mystery Pack - Gen 2
Cameron K (Cedar Creek, US)
Great Deal

This is by far the best deal offered by County Comm. 5 stars.

Tremendous Value

June Big Daddy was packed full of value and even included items that weren't depicted in the video (that posted after I ordered). Very pleased and a big THANK YOU to the CC staff for putting these together. You get to sample a variety of their well made & usefull products at a great price (a huge plus for those of us on a tighter budget).

Pen-Go Titanium Pen by Maratac™
Marty E-C (Greenville, US)
What's that on your keychain?

Why, it's a pen! That I always have with me! It's awesome and writes soooo smooooth, and stays put because of the O-ring seal that lets me tighten the cap just right.
I think I'll get a dozen more... just cause.

Zulu™ & Maratac™ Are Registered Trademarks Of CountyComm
WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Warning: This product may contains chemicals, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to