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An improvement on a great front pocket organizer

I picked this up because I wanted to have a replacement for when my 1000D secret utility pouch wears out. I use it for front-pocket EDC organization, and you can find my review for the older version of this pouch here on CC. I wanted to point out the differences between the two that I found noteworthy and not mentioned in the CC description,

Material: the X-PAC material is a little more lightweight and pliable. the weight isn't noticeable when carrying, but the pliability means that it more readily reshapes to your kit. X-PAC being naturally waterproof is a definite upgrade, since the coating on the 1000D nylon of the old model will crack and peel where the fabric is constantly being crushed down- for me, that's just beneath the zipper.

Dimensions: This pouch is roughly 0.128" taller than the previous rev. Not a huge difference, but much of that is in the edging around the top, which has the nice side effect of quieting the (YKK) zipper down in the X-PAC model. The outside pockets are also deeper on this model- approx. 4" from the top of the bottom edging to the top of the pocket. This is up to a .25" increase in depth. The grommet is identical, as far as I can tell.

Fit and Finish: I think this has improved, overall. The pockets are all of uniform depth and are spaced more evenly (each side has pockets that are roughly 1 1/4", 1 7/8", and 15/16"). The old model had less precision on the stitching that divides the pockets and the depth of the pockets varied because the fabric that formed them was a little cocked. The stitching of the X-PAC model had a few loose thread loops, but nothing is coming undone- just a little less polished in that regard.

Overall, I'm really pleased with this new model, and I would heartily recommend anyone who liked the 1000D nylon version to check it out. The only thing I can't comment on is durability, since this is still a new product and it's been riding aroundin my pocket daily for a mere month or so.

Ultem® Slide Box - Topo
Randy (Panama City, US)
Great 👍 box

Well made holds survivial meds

Little Pair-A-Dice
mjh (Minneapolis, US)
Dice kit

Made a traveling mini dice kit for games. Gotta have a way to keep up the PMA!

Tube fits 8 double sided sheets, 8 mini dice (could fit 2 to 4 more), trimmed golf pencil (not in photo).
Easy to play many dice games of your choice.

One die to rule them all

Biggest baddest die I’ve seen. If you want something that can prop your door open or provide random one in six odds you clearly need this. If you don’t have room for 3” x 3” of awesome this is not for you.

Good deal

This set is everything I expected. Great quality and value.

Titanium Persuader ~ Gen 2
Jess Williams (Fairburn, US)
Edc TPG2 last line of safety.

Love this kubaton! Easy to carry bout the size of a pencil and light weight. Super cool last ditch tool would 100% recommend. But I am like the rest maybe next version (which I’ll buy) make a lanyard hole version as well . But regardless happy I bought it gives me that pice of mind in last ditch or places not other tools friendly.

Mini pineapple

One of the best lights in the game this one is the cooler 4000k one but it is still bright and very easy to use and the only light that I’ve carried since I got it . Love it!

Value is there

I did like most items received. Some, a few, I didn't need. In checking prices per item, I did receive more than purchase price. It is a fair deal.

Great little light

Great light for EDC and works perfect with the Carbon Fiber Key Amigo Key Clip.

Ultem® Slide Box - Topo
DVD Connoisseur (Altrincham, GB)
More ultem goodness!

An excellent addition to any EDC bag. Beautiful colour and craftsmanship.

Beautiful ultem pen

Excellent pen; first class quality. This looks and feels like a much more expensive writing instrument. Highly recommended.

Navigator Compass REV 3 ~
Big Johnson LEP (Glen Burnie, US)

Added to wrist straps of several jackets. Handy spot but several compliments as it apparently looks cool. Unintentional swag factor.

Platoon Commander gave out as gifts.. appreciated item once you realize you need a compass , it maybe to late.

Woven Dyneema® Matrix Card Holder
Steven Scalia (Cumming, US)
My new wallet

I have been carrying this now for a few weeks as my wallet. I have two cards on one side. The opposite side carries three cards, a wallet knife, and a phone stand. I have had no issues with things falling out. I also use one al work to carry business cards on one side and a reference guide for radio channels on the other.

Quad Bay - Pro Intelligent Battery Charger
Steven Scalia (Cumming, US)
Good value with caveats

I like the charger. It will not hold two 26650 next to each other. I can skip a space to charge both. Not a huge deal, just wanted to let people know. I like the size as it fits with my diving equipment electronics box. Using on of these chargers allows me to carry fewer cords and power bricks.

Pretty good with modifications and suggestions

Overall I like this pouch. Some modifications were made for my use. I removed the stitches on one side to remove the small pen pockets. This allows me to carry a 3x5 inch notebook in the now singe larger pouch. On version 2.0, I would remove the zipper for the inside pouch. It takes up room that could allow a slightly wider object inside pocket. Maybe a small piece of velcro or just leave it open could work here instead of the zipper. I am using a dynema card holder from CC that just fits inside due to the zipper slide. A second grommet would be nice to use a piece of paracord to hand around my neck. This pouch is used in my firefighter bunker pants. I appreciate how thin it is. Overall, good job.

Pen-Go Titanium Pen by Maratac®
Ethan foster (Owensboro, US)
So good I bought 3!

Just wow! Most micro pens are a joke. Not this one! So amazing and with a little heat you would not believe the color! I can't paint or draw but I feel like an artist after polishing and heating ti from countycomm

So good I bought two!

Absolutely crazy little light! Way brighter then I imagined!

Ti Grip Precision Hobby Knife
Ethan foster (Owensboro, US)

I've been looking for a quality exacto type knife. Never could find one until now! Can not believe the quality or craftsmanship! Just love it

Woven Dyneema® Matrix Card Holder
R in WI (Schaumburg, US)
Good, consumable

I just ordered a second. The first wore out. This is an observation, not a complaint. This wallet needs enough cards in each side to create friction to hold them in. The stacks of cards wear through the plastic inside and outside of each pocket. The mesh remains. The wear is cosmetic.
For this price, a cosmetic replacement is entirely acceptable.


This chess piece is impeccably machined and looks great stonewashed. It’s no wonder they’re always sold out.

Ultem® Slide Box - Topo
Daniel Lindley (Morgan Hill, US)
An HVAC startup tech's dream

As an HVAC startup tech, I have to carry *a lot* of tools, and I have to have a variety of consumables on me at any given moment.

One particular consumable always gives me grief: wire end sleeve ferrules. They're very common in European mechanical equipment, and I've taken a liking to using them in the feild as they make for a much cleaner looking install when terminating stranded control wires to screw terminals, without any danger of shorts caused by a loose strand of copper at the termination point.

The problem...They're tiny. And I usually only need one or two sizes (18 and 16awg) in limited amounts.

Most other solutions I've tried are too bulky, break too easily, or spill if you look at them the wrong way.

I bought two of these...and they're perfect. Open halfway, grab the ferrules you need, close again. Awesome.

Great addition to the Embassy lineup !

The Ultem Embassy pen is a beautiful addition to the Embassy pen lineup. The pennis beautifully glossy unlike other ultem pens I own. I find myself fidgeting with it constantly. It also writes smooth and easily. I can't say enough good things. Thanks for making these County Comm !

Bronze Pilot Automatic Watch by Maratac®
Derek Long (Morristown, US)
I love it!

I love this watch! I am crazy about bronze and I was thrilled to get this watch! Very rugged, simplistic design and a great deal!

High Quality at a Good Price.

I am very pleased with my two mystery packages. Nice colors and good quality.

Fantastic tumblers

These are fantastic. Good size. With whiskey stones or ice your drink stays cold. I bought a set of two and they match the shot glasses perfectly.

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WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Warning: This product may contains chemicals, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to