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Gets compliments!

Awesome watch, my first automatic and I couldn’t resist at that price. Looks great and runs as it should. As the title states this watch gets positively noticed everywhere I go.

On The Go Bit Holder - Non Slip
GDB (Fayetteville, US)
Love it!

Keeps everything together and glows in the dark, so no matter how much wine I’ve consumed I can still differentiate !

Who Doesn't Love Tritium???

Like many out there I have replaced my original equipment sights on virtually every handgun I own with tritium sights. Why would you not?

The thing is that these little glow fobs are ridiculously bright, so they can be applied in any number of settings and applications.

Love ‘em!

Machinist Screwdriver - Alodine Coated
Oscar Stewart (San Diego, US)
Number 3

This the 3rd one I’ve bought over the years! I liked original brass but there is no comparison in quantity. In fact new version better. I can find cheaper screwdriver of this type , but why settle. Probably the best screwdriver ever!

Good Not Great, Some Negatives.

I'm still giving this watch a 5 star rating, despite listing it as good not great. The build quality is fantastic, however to have good build quality, you have a heavy watch. After 10 hours on the wrist, this watch is felt ( about 200 grams ) The accuracy of the NH-35 movement is very good, about +7 seconds per day. The Lume is wonderful, I really enjoy that. The bracelet is a good one, however, it only tapers to 20 mm. It would have been more comfortable if it tapered to 18 mm, however, Maratec made this watch heavy and very durable. The bracelet is not uncomfortable, but would be better in my opinion, if it tapered to a slimmer design. The only 2 negatives I see are the weight, and the bracelet not tapering enough. Aside from that, the price point is very good. Recommended !

Exactly what others posted in review

I guess I was expecting to be surprised by what I got but it was exactly what others had posted. Overall, I suppose I’m happy with the purchase. I wish the chopsticks had come with the glow in the dark holder as the matching listing does but I guess that holder is not titanium. I have bought one of the $99 mystery swaggs and was happily surprised by what I got. That one was more exciting and worth more dollar per dollar than this one. I am a little disappointed, but that’s just me.

Peanut - Beast LED Flashlight Kit!
Jason T. (Sedro-Woolley, US)
Impressive Beast

I finally bit the bullet and ordered a flashlight from Countycomm. I have a few of their other products and have never been disappointed. The quality and craftsmanship has always been a step above. This thing is amazing! The amount of light this little thing puts out is very impressive and much greater than I even thought possible from such a tiny flashlight. The kit comes with everything you need and more, so that impressed me as well. I also ordered the 10440 adapter tube and battery and it works great. It improves the ability to get a more solid purchase (grip) on the light, and allows you to now have a shorter backup. This is not good, now I'm eyeballing the larger full size lights!

Wearing outside my sleeve

This watch is what I need to wear over my coat while hiking outdoors. No need to pull my sleeve up to check time. Great lighted visible screen on this watch.

Grcat Everyday Watch

Great value for the money. I like the easy to read display, and the backlight is bettter than others I have seen. I may want to switch to a silicone band since my past fabric bands absorbed sweat and dirt but this is not a fault of the watch. It is also super easy to change batteries with the back held on by four screws.

Great Chopsticks

These chopsticks are perfectly made and function great. The honeycomb pattern is nice and provides good grip.

Tweezers, Tick & Splinter Removal ~
Eugene (Colorado Springs, US)
great to have on hand

Used to have a pair of these a long time ago, was time for replacement and came in very handy to dig a spliter out on my left hand over the weekend. Glad I had them close by to do the job.

Titanium Widgy Pry Bars ~
Martin (Winfield, US)
Great for EDC.

Just the right size for my pocket tool ring. Weighs next to nothing and does what I need it to do.

Nice but nicer without the thick sticky foam

The foam backing, while seeming like a good idea, makes it much thicker and attracts lint, also a pain to get off

VERY nice

Super handy and perfectly sized

Nice piece of kit

Good for small precise jobs, great bang for the buck

Titanium Fulcrum Comparisons

Ordered both titanium cleaning bars/fulcrums in summer of 2022 and sad to see they are hoth out of stock in October. Both bars are similar in look but have had different uses for me. The straight fulcrum feels identical to the cleaning stick and has been the more used bar. It's thin but very rigid and is great for opening up game controllers and scraping dirt out of tight places. I wrap a microfiber around the edge and clean dirty ridges on my devices. The straight bar also makes for a handy makeshift ruler with it's straight edges and length, about 6 inches.

The curved fulcrum is bulkier brother to the straight fulcrum. It's even beefier and stiffer than a medium steel widgy bar. I haven't used this bar as much because the edge isn't as thin and don't have too many medium-duty prying tasks. I could see this being nice for car body work and working on larger items like door jams and furniture. I was also able to anondize both bars and they came out great.

Hopefully these are back in stock again. I probably only need the straight bar for my day to day tasks but you can never have enough Maratac tools. It would also be very cool to have a straight bar with metric and imperial markings on each side and a small hole for a lanyard. The form factor is perfect for edc, fingers crossed.

Great Grab Bag of Maratac Goodies

I ordered a grab bag in September 2022 and it came with similar items as others. Two month's later now the items that have been most useful are the scissors, silicone mat and widgy bar. I think the widgy bar is seconds item, the finish isn't perfect, but it's been a good small pry bar to have around the house. The scissors are super compact and good cutters, I use them on cutting tags and when I need to make small precise cuts. The silicone mat is a very high quality tray for small items, it also makes me want to spring for the larger version for electronics work. Didn't find too many uses for the tassles and paracord but the three items above have made this a good purchase.

A grand set of chopsticks

I do use chopsticks, occasionally. Protocol demands that when using a wooden, disposable set, you rub the sticks together to remove any burs and splinters. No need for that with these beauties. With the custom case and glow it the dark holder they are like a custom made pool cue that when someone arrives at the pool hall and unlimbers it, all around think, "hey this (add your gender of choice) knows what they'er doing." That said I will have to practice a bit more before taking these chopsticks out in public.

Just another satisfied customer review.

Love the Ti split pea. I am a big fan of small functional items and this lighter completely fits the bill.

Nice Swagg!!!

Money well spent! Gear galore... Even my wife was smiling when i opened it - there were so many tasty bites!

Norton’s UCS

I bought this to add to my EDC kit to help with my firearm maintenance. Very happy with my purchase

EDC Tweezers

Wanted a pair of small tweezers for my EDC kit and these are perfect. Hard to find ones that are small and quality made and these fit both. Very happy with my purchase

Tritium Fob bright for its size

The Tritium Fob is small and perfect for keys or bags. It might be small size but gives off impressive glow. Very happy with my purchase.

Awesome light!

I generally shy away from lights with more than a couple of modes in favor of multiple lights for different purposes, but the interface here is very well thought-out. The memory on the side switch allows you to preset the output you want for whatever you’re doing, with max power just a thumb press away. Another plus is after overriding with turbo mode, it turns completely off until you’re ready to use it again. I will say calling this a “pocket light” is a bit of a stretch; the bezel is pretty big for all but the most gusseted cargo pockets. It’s also billed as weapon-mountable, which, while technically true, would require a 2-piece scope ring instead of a mount specifically designed for a one-inch light due to the flare not being part of the removable tailcap and the bezel being non-removable. Still 5 stars for a fantastic and versatile handheld light, especially for the price.

Widgy Pry Bars ~
Anonymous (Philadelphia, US)

order received quickly
nice little tool
you need to come up with a small plastic tip to clip on tool to keep it from poking hole in pocket

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WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Warning: This product may contains chemicals, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to