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Colossus Glow Skull

Hemmed and hawed on whether to get a 'plastic' skull at such a price, but took the plunge...needless to say the thing is more than just a fun piece on the desk. It's a torch if you want it to be and it'll give you a fun pick-me-up whenever you dim the lights. Love the detail and quality (as expected from CC) and I look at it up close practically every night. Very happy I made the purchase..."Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio; a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy..."

DIY Hobby Hand Kit - Stainless Steel By Maratac
Richard Riendeau (Titusville, US)
Great addition to any workbench!

This is a very well made tool! Nothing cheap about it at an amazing price for all that is included. Haven’t had the opportunity to actually use it yet but there have been so many times I could have used a n extra “tiny small hand” to help hold something I was either soldering or gluing together. Solid tool!

Tactical valet

I use this following armorer's tray as a valet on my nightstand to holds my glasses, wallet, phone, and anything else in my pocket. It's great at night when I need to find my glasses and flashlight in the dark. Keeps everything from falling off the nightstand and makes stuff easier to find at night. My wife wants one now, but they are sold out. Will have to get another one if they enter restock this great item.

Love it!

As a professional artist/designer I really focus on aesthetics, so thats my main deciding factor when watch shopping. I wanted a quality auto diver, and this one just stood out to me among all the other options. I love the clean, vintage inspired look to the face and dial. The pops of orange stand out but are not over done, which I really like.
One thing that really makes me feel warm and fuzzy is the trident logo. A lot of watch brands have (in my opinion) wonky and bulky logos that don't fit the look of their streamlined watches and the trident just works so well on here; it's subtle and it compliments the military look and feel of the watch.
The illumination is phenomenal, the movement is smooth, the bezel is tight and has a nice positive click to it. The crown is easy to manipulate and feels secure when adjusting the time and screwing back down.
It feeeeeeels like a very solid watch too. I hate when things feel cheap and loose and poorly made but that is not the case here. CountyComm's products are always of high quality and made to a high standard so I expected that when buying this watch, and it does not disappoint there.

The watch arrived in LIGHTENING speed, which was awesome too!

There are some very small things I would change that would make this watch 100% perfect for me, but overall I really love this watch. I love looking at it, and can't wait to take it in the water!
Thanks for this awesome timepiece!!

XL APX Multi-Purpose Dual Zip Case by Maratac
William Brents (Little Rock, US)
still waiting

After ordering and waiting a extended period of time the order arrived and the product was missing. After speaking with customer service the order was resent and still has not arrived after 4 days it still says package accepted. It really seems like Countycomm needs a faster delivery method.

Great Pen!

I love this pen, almost more than my titanium embassy pen. The machine work is excellent and it’s my EDC pen. I’m using a Rotring refill, which fits perfectly.

GYS - Got Your Six - 12 Ga Shell Rack
William Brents (Little Rock, US)

works as advertised

Simple and robust

Wanted a one-piece band to replace the two-piece my watch came with.
The Mil Series band was a perfect replacement. The holes had no burnt edges to cause irritation, the titanium hardware is light and strong with no concerns for oxidation/ corrosion. Even the remaining strap is nice, as it isn't extra metal to get in the way.

Carbon Fiber Folding Craft Scalpel Knife
Richard Couch (Batesville, US)
Great knife

Very well made. Will enjoy owning.

Amazing watch

I own quite a few watches, some Citizen, Seiko, Timex but I have not put another watch one since I got this one. The size is perfect, weight is amazing, lume is the best I have ever seen. I use a Nick Mankey hook strap and often do not realize im wearing it, I have fallen asleep with it on often.

Steven P (Newton, US)
Perfect for me

This describes me perfectly. My motto here at home and everywhere else is “if I can’t fix it, it can’t be fixed!”

Ordered as a backup

Original works GREAT! Still using it but did break it and repaired with BONDIC. Thought that I should purchase a new one!!

Pen-Go Titanium Pen by Maratac™
Kevin Hartman (Mound, US)
Great pocket pen

I'd been looking for an EDC pen for quite some time. I needed something that would fit in my pocket without being too large to make it uncomfortable. When I saw the pen-go, i had to see if this was the one. Being roughly the same size as the Swiss Army classic I carry, it was the perfect fit. I've used the pen several times over the last month or so and have been glad to have that void filled when I need it. I got a couple of the refills at the same time to have on hand if they go away. This is a great pocket pen solution!

Boker Dreed Titanium Pocket Knife - Final Run Exclusive!
I havent received

I have not receive the shipment

My Fire Kit

I added your Massive Ferrocerium Rod & Striker w/ storage vault to my fire kit. For the size and price, it can’t be beat. I always carry three fire sources in my fire kit. Thanks CC !

Great pen

Great pen, good machining, amazing price. I knew what to expect going in, twist pens take forever to deploy. I wish that wasn't the case as getting the ink out takes too long to be practical for me. It will probably find a place in a pen stand, ink out, ready to go, which kinda defeats the whole twist thing.

This the perfect addition to take in case . In Case I need to lite a Cigar

THi Match Box case is a perfect fit , in my pocket , in my backpack ,my fly fishing vest , my glove compartment and on my desk. You can find so many places to use this and to leave it out because it looks good and is very functional too. But if you leave it out in plain sight someone might just take it on you so keep an eye on it !

Titanium Flight Suit Pen by Maratac™
Howard Hazell (Choctaw, US)
Excellent Pen

Simple, well made, easy to use, and now my everyday pen.

Excellent blades

If you bought the folding scalpel you need these.
A very nicely packaged healthy supply of replacement blades. Thanks County Comm for offering these and keeping them in stock. I mean what good is the scalpel without the blades, right?

SERE Compass ~
Mike (Springfield, US)
Know your way

Always know your way whether going out or coming back. This is a quality compass. Everyone should have a least one of these and should buy one for every child they have. I will put this on a titanium ball chain to wear around the neck. Of course you need one!

very cool

Really like this little beauty. Well made of course. It is a great tool to have on hand. With replaceable blades this tool is with you for the long haul. Essential!

Powerful & Compact

Lights up an entire room. Ultra lightweight. Knocked off 1 star due to the sensitive button which is a bummer since this would be the perfect edc light. I’ve been carrying it in a leather sheath which has prevented accidentally turning on the light.

Love this survival fishing card

I like this product and I plan on buy a few more to gift out

Woven Dyneema® Matrix Card Holder
Andrew K (Dallas, US)
Nice quality minimalist wallet

Still early to accurately gauge durability but construction seems solid and it’s small enough to comfortably go in your front pocket.

Incredible Industrial Titanium Spork Gen 2
Arlene Gloriani (Las Vegas, US)
Great for lunches!

I love this tool! Wish it had a serrated edge for cutting.

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