SERE Compass ~ - CountyComm
SERE Compass ~ - CountyComm
SERE Compass ~ - CountyComm
SERE Compass ~ - CountyComm
SERE Compass ~ - CountyComm
SERE Compass ~ - CountyComm
SERE Compass ~ - CountyComm
SERE Compass ~ - CountyComm

SERE Compass ~

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S.E.R.E. Compass (Compass, Magnetic, Unmounted)

These compact compasses are usually seen in Aircrew Survival Kits and seldom seen by the public. This production run was delivered last month and we were fortunate enough to get some of the extras.


  • Overall Height: 0.213 inches nominal
  • Overall Diameter: 0.75 inches nominal
  • Case Material: Machined Brass
  • Crystal Type: Acrylic
  • Instrument Type: DRY (will not freeze or develop bubbles) 
  • Diameter: 0.750 inches nominal
  • Inscription: Degrees
  • Graduation Range: +0.0/+360.0
  • Smallest Increment: 22.5 degrees

Special Features : Din sealed brass case; threaded with 45 lb braided nylon fish line; 
compass card has prominent luminious paint markings.

Limited Introduction From Surplus

Customer Reviews

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Mmm Antique Brass!

Great little compass you can wear of have on the key ring without even knowing it’s there. Works great too, being very small the compass does seem to be very easily affected by any ferrous metal too close.
Lovely product!


When I have to escape from whatever this little gem will bring me to safety! Small and sturdy, easy to stow.

Perfect size

Great addition to my pack EDC. Also pictured 1x4 Technician's Pocket Screw Driver (black), Trident UGM, ITW Survival Whistle (orange) Titanium Norton's U.C.S. (Universal Cleaning Stick) and Gray Cord Tips.

Great compass for EDC/Survival kit

We have been preparing individual Soldier Survival Kits to two elite US Military orgainzations first for testing (beginning in 2000) and finally for purchase for issue recently, in it's final design.

Field testing of all of the articles within the kit were done by students in the field, and the customer specified all items within the kit must be of US origin or NATO Member Country. Cost was also a factor in final acceptance.

The compass was one of the greatest challenges, and the majority of the brands were made offshore and all had variance in direction, as much as 20%. We came across the CountyComm SERE Compass several years ago, started installing these in our kits and there were NO Complaints as to accuracy and the luminious markings were also a plus, the cord mount was also a plus.
For the size, accuracy quality, cost and ruggedness, one can do no better.

Good so far.

I like this compass thus far. Seems well-built overall.

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