CountyComm Survival Kit 5.0 - CountyComm
CountyComm Survival Kit 5.0 - CountyComm

CountyComm Survival Kit 5.0

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The CC5 Kit contains many essentials you need to survive in the wild at a great price. The kit can be easily expanded with more edc gear.

Kit Includes :

1. Pocket Light Black ( White Led )

- Provides over 20 hours of continuous light

2. Military ( NSN ) Stainless Steel Tick Tweezers ( US Government Model )

-High Quality U.S.A made tweezers

3. Flat Gate Clip Stainless Steel ( Medium )

-Easy way to attach all your gear on to a belt loop or keychain

4. Brass Flint Wheel

-easiest way to start a fire with a big spark

5. Maratac Screw Key Set

-you always need a phillips or flat head screwdriver with you

6. Pico 2" Widgy bar

-best way to open boxes, pry nails or even tacks

7. Split Pea Maratac Lighter Stainless Steel

-easy way to start a fire or light a cigar in a pinch

8. MIL Spec Stainless Steel Container

-All fits neatly inside the included tin ( Size: Length 2 3/8" x Width 3 9/16" x Height 1 3/8" )

ONLY 100 Kits Made

Save money and buy a complete kit vs individual items