Extreme Tape - CountyComm
Extreme Tape - CountyComm
Extreme Tape - CountyComm
Extreme Tape - CountyComm
Extreme Tape - CountyComm
Extreme Tape - CountyComm

Extreme Tape

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10 Feet On A Small Roll

How to use Extreme Tape:

For handling ease, we suggest using a minimum of 6-8 inches (15-20cm) or 4-5 times the diameter to be wrapped.

Clean the surface that will be wrapped and cut off the length of tape to be used.
Remove and discard the clear separation film. Extreme Tape works on either side.
Hold one end of the Extreme Tape in position against the object to be wrapped and apply a complete wrap around the object and back onto itself. This initial wrap secures the tape for additional wraps.
Maintain a constant stretch as you continue to wrap, making sure each new layer “half laps” onto the previous layer. These overlaps will fuse together.

For pressure applications (such as radiator, garden and air hoses), stretch Extreme Tape to the maximum and apply several tight layers. Multiple tightly wrapped layers will provide the strongest pressure resistance and best repair results.
For non-pressure applications (such as electrical insulation or weatherproofing connections), only a minor stretch and one layer are required.
Be certain the end of the final wrap is pressed down onto the prior wraps. Use less stretch on the final wrap.

If applying multiple pieces of Extreme Tape, always start the end of each new piece in contact with a prior wrap.

...begins to fuse immediately, with a permanent, cohesive bond within 24 hours. Repositioning is not recommended after 1-2 minutes of wrapping.

...can be applied in wet, non-oily conditions, although the best performance will be achieved with dry surface conditions.

...is not reusable, however additional layers can be applied any time in the future.

Remains flexible to -60°F
Won’t melt up to 500°F
Bond is complete after 24 hours at room temperature

• Automotive
• Electrical
• Plumbing
• Masking
• Marine
• Satellite
• Sealing
• Insulating
• Emergency Repairs
• Weatherproofing Connections
• Protection Against Corrosion
• Cable & Wire Harnesses
• Clamping Irregular Shapes
• Seal Pipes, Hose & Fittings Seal
• Boat Rigging & Rope Ends
• Sport and Tool Grips & Handles