Little Bits Duo ~ - CountyComm
Little Bits Duo ~ - CountyComm
Little Bits Duo ~ - CountyComm
Little Bits Duo ~ - CountyComm
Little Bits Duo ~ - CountyComm

Little Bits Duo ~

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Small, Compact & EDC Gear Worthy

Everybody needs a screwdriver, but the most important factor is to have one on hand when you need it.

The Little Bit Duo is a compact versatile team of screwdrivers, with one Phillips Head and one Straight Blade Head.

Where will you keep yours? Car, Kitchen, EDC bag, Office, Tool Bench, Purse, Cache Vault, etc...


Handle Material : High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Bit Material : High Carbon Heat Treated Black Oxide Coated Steel

Dimension : .8 " x 1.6"

Weight : 11.5 Grams Each

Last Small Batch Run...

(One Phillips and One Straight Blade)

Customer Reviews

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JEB SMITH (Coos Bay, US)
When small is a big deal.

Ok, I'll admit I bought these tools out of curiosity and because I'm a toolaholic. I looked at all the photos showing size comparisons but I was still not prepared for the really small size when they arrived. "Cute" says I and place them in the tool box tray. Later in the day I was mounting a mini laser sight on a pistol. I had to hold the mounting base (spring loaded) on the rail, hold the pistol, and hold the screwdriver. I kept fumbling the mounting base and screwdriver. I looked at the latest acquisition and gave it a try. The size of the "Mini Bits" driver made it possible to hold everything with one hand and screw the mounting screw with the other while using a couple of fingers on the tool hand to help hold things in place. Fantastic!

Dwayne White (Independence, US)
Perfect size

Perfect size for those small jobs that you do often.

Terry Kelley (Schulenburg, US)
dont really need the very often, but when you do?

these are small, real small, but they will fit in thowd spaces when no other will

Robert Ritchie (Laurel Springs, US)

Great little pair, they give you a little extra grip and a little extra bite versus a small standard screwdriver. They fit nicely in the small zip pouch also

Christopher Nieves (Richmond Hill, US)

Little Bits Duo ~

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