NITROX-17 - CountyComm
NITROX-17 - CountyComm
NITROX-17 - CountyComm


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The Maratac™ Zulu® product line has quickly become very popular with divers and adventurers throughout the United States. Sport and warm water divers love their Zulu® . Even Commercial and Dry Suit divers seem to like their Zulus except they wanted them longer to wear over their Dry Suits. The folks at Maratac had the answer; a 17" long band made exclusively for divers. The NITROX-17 is the same high quality you have experienced with the Zulu™ line, except with a 17" long strap.

Who will benefit from the NITROX-17?

  • Dry suit divers: No longer will you have to rig up multiple straps to secure your dive computer and compasses.
  • Operators who need to get to their watch on the outside of their flight, CVC and MOPP suits.
  • Big boys with big wrists. It can be cut to any length.
  • First responders, this will fit over all your WMD protective clothing.

Maratac™ NITROX bands come in black and orange colors in two widths (20mm and 22mm.) all hardware is 316L stainless steel anti-magnetic hardware.

Please measure the width of your watch, compass, dive computer etc. before ordering.