X Pair-A-Dice - Titanium Dice Set
X Pair-A-Dice - Titanium Dice Set
X Pair-A-Dice - Titanium Dice Set
X Pair-A-Dice - Titanium Dice Set
X Pair-A-Dice - Titanium Dice Set
X Pair-A-Dice - Titanium Dice Set
X Pair-A-Dice - Titanium Dice Set

X Pair-A-Dice - Titanium Dice Set

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Limited Edition Model X Dice Set !

When you are ready to step your gaming up to the next level, these precision machined Titanium dice are just the way to do it.

That's right! You get a set of two Titanium dies for all your gaming needs.

These are sure to be a heirloom product that you pass on to the next generation.

Also can be heat anodized as show in 2 of the pics. 

Dimensions: 15.1mm
Weight: .50 ounces each

Pro Tip: Can be Heat anodized and then lightly sanded down so you're left with just the X's being color anodized as shown in the pics.

- Listing is for a set of 2 dice only -  ( Silicone Tray, Shot Glass & Dual Pass Cache Sold Separately and shown for illustration purposes only )


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Alex Wolpert (Maryville, US)
NO XCUSE to not buy a set

I mean unless they are sold out.... I am very impressed by the machining on these dice they are definitely fun to fidget with . It was a impulse buy but everything from countycomm is always 10/10 quality so realistically I had no reason to NOT buy them

Lost-Jedi (Detroit, US)
Well Balanced!

I was not planning on doing a gear review but I had to share a story. I picked up two sets of these dice and decided to show them off to a coworker. Big DnD fan! He asked how well do they roll. So I rolled one and.. it stopped on the beveled edge! We were both rather impressed to say the least. Well machined and well Balanced. Very impressive!

Bradley A Blanchard (Salem, US)
Who doesn't need Titanium Dice

Well no one ever needs titanium dice, but, neither does anyone need a titanium thimble for sewing up a pair a damaged boat shoe rescued from my 59 lb lab/ pit mix dog ... but here's the thing: 6AlV4 titanium dice won't corrode, crack, have peeling paint - none of that nonsense. They're machined such that random numbers arrive unbiased. Instead of painted dots, there are milled out ×'s, so they've no relation to standard 'run of the mill' die pairs.
They're really the only item I've gotten from County Comm that isn't a tool of some sort. I just got them 'cause they're wicked shahp tah look at'. A totally emotional purchase on my part. Should the need arise for a Parchesee game missing its set - I'll be ready :)

James Jones II (Liverpool, US)
Absolutely incredible.

These dice are amazing. The machining is perfect. It is so well done. The quality is second to none. 10/10

S.B. (Big Bear, US)
F*cking awesome! 🎲😍

The X shaped pips make all the difference it is so cool, and unique!! I really love them, and carry them with me at all times. Perfect for a quick game of "Street Craps" my favorite dice game. It's like having a party in your pocket. Thanks CountyComm for these superb hard-core lucky dice! 🎲🎲✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖

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