Exclusive Powder Coated Tool - CountyComm
Exclusive Powder Coated Tool - CountyComm
Exclusive Powder Coated Tool - CountyComm
Exclusive Powder Coated Tool - CountyComm
Exclusive Powder Coated Tool - CountyComm
Exclusive Powder Coated Tool - CountyComm

Exclusive Powder Coated Tool

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Extremely Limited Run & 100% 🇺🇸 Made!

Only 200 of each!

3 Inch Curved Widgy - International Orange - Matte Black

3 Inch Curved Widgy - International Orange

EOD Breacher Bar - Matte Black - 8.5" Long

EOD Breacher Bar - International Orange - 8.5" Long


We have decided to powder coat an exclusive run of widgy bars and breacher bars as part of a special run based on tons of requests we have received from customers.

Why Powder Coat? 

Powder Coating works by applying an electrostatic charge to the powder. Which is then applied to a grounded part via a spray gun.  After the powder coating is applied the part is then cured using heat from a specialized oven. While the powder cures the pigments mixed with resins within the powder chemically react. This creates the hardened, durable coat to a part.

Powder coating creates a durable finish that is unmatched using liquid finishing techniques. As a result, powder coated finishes provide excellent protection against physical and chemical degradation. This increases the durability of the item coated for longer continued use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
ADAM (Washington, US)
Awesome as always

Have had many of the titanium pry bars over the years - give them out as gifts and they’re always a hit.
Saw these new power coated bars though and had to snag a black one for myself! Solid tool as always.

Gr4ph1c (Turlock, US)
Solid Piece

The powder coated breacher with the sheath is a must have for any edc bag. Whether you have to pry crates open or bash an inanimate objects brain in, it'll get the job done. The stealth, black powder coat makes it feel right at home with me. I'll be sharpening the long bevel, while leaving the short blunt for prying purposes. Thanks for the great product.

Ivan "Tex" Gilmore (Washington, US)
Great idea - 5 stars

The D2 tool steel of the Widgy Pry Bars is great but will always tarnish over time, being semi-stainless. What a great idea to offer a very durable coating for this great key chain tool with a long, patriotic history. IMO - these should be offered all the time as an option. The international orange looks awesome and does not scrape off even after heavy use.

Troy M (Omaha, US)
Great Stuff!!

I love this shop! They always have the coolest little trinkets and EDC gear. You never know how much you need their gear until you buy it and start carrying it to see how useful it is.

Herb Rice (Buckeye, US)
Lil Prybar MacGyver would be proud to own!

Time to time one would be tempted to use their blade to wedge open something and pry and try to bend, but they would be wrong. Use this bad lil boy to get the job done. In the wrong hands this mini monster could possibly used to open safes but I only use it to pop the plug on my piggy bank.

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WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov