( X1D ) SR-35 Diver Automatic Watch by Maratac + Date  -  Newest 2018 Model
( X1D ) SR-35 Diver Automatic Watch by Maratac + Date  -  Newest 2018 Model
( X1D ) SR-35 Diver Automatic Watch by Maratac + Date  -  Newest 2018 Model
( X1D ) SR-35 Diver Automatic Watch by Maratac + Date  -  Newest 2018 Model
( X1D ) SR-35 Diver Automatic Watch by Maratac + Date  -  Newest 2018 Model
( X1D ) SR-35 Diver Automatic Watch by Maratac + Date  -  Newest 2018 Model
( X1D ) SR-35 Diver Automatic Watch by Maratac + Date  -  Newest 2018 Model

( X1D ) SR-35 Diver Automatic Watch by Maratac + Date - Newest 2018 Model

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With Date Window

( Limited Production Of 100 Pieces )

Big Upgrade


2. Date Window

Maratac™ automatic watch with Hacking Seiko NH-35 Movement

Ceramic Bezel Insert With Super Luminova C3 Phosphorus
- Highly Scratch Resistant And Durable
- Wont Fade With UV Exposure
- Chemical Resistant With Anti Magnetic Properties

The Maratac™ SR-35 Mid Divers Automatic watch is privately designed. The SR-35 is Maratac's newest mid size watch into the hacking ( stops the second hand when adjusting the time ) movement market. 

The SR-35 features a unidirectional 1 hour timing bezel. This watch is made to exemplify the purest form of time, which provides a simplistic feel to the watch. The SR-35 utilizes a Seiko NH-35 24 jewel movement known for its superior quality, accuracy and of course it's hacking feature. This movement provides up to 40 hours of power reserve when not in use.

This mid size watch is ideal for both formal and casual events, and is built to last with it's robust sapphire domed crystal.

This is another clean and simple design by Maratac™

Watch Details:

  • Ceramic Bezel Insert - Extremely Durable 
  • 14.4mm Thick & 40 mm Diameter Case
  • The crown is positioned at the 4 o'clock marker for both left and right hand wear
  • Case: 316L stainless steel case, cut from a solid block.
  • Weight: 86.4 grams
  • Date Window
  • Dial: With super Luminova C3 color
  • Dial: With Swiss Super-LumiNova® Grade X1
    ( Triple Applied C3 )
  • Second Hand : ( International Orange Pantone : O21C ) + Luminova C3 marker
  • Strap: Nylon Maratac Strap
  • Movement: Seiko NH-35 Automatic / Self Winding ( Hacking movement )
    • 24 Jewel movement ( 21,600 Vibrations Per Hour )
  • Water resistant: 10 ATM
  • Crown: Conventional Screw Down Crown  
  • Shoulderless Spring Bar
  • Sapphire crystal domed
  • Fits all 20mm bands ( Single and 2-piece band compatible )
    - Comes With Black Mil Band With Black Stitching - Green Stitch As Shown Can Be Be Bought Here  

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Lots of heft, plenty of character

I wasn't expecting much from this watch other than nice looks and decent accuracy (+-10 sec per day). Right off the bat, I knew the height would be too tall, and reserved wearing this watch only on short-sleeve casual days. But when I put the watch on for the first day, I was very impressed.

For accuracy, it is behind by a consistent 5 seconds every day. Not bad for the price. Also, it has a screw down crown, ceramic bezel, 120 clicks on the bezel ring, (which points directly at 12:00, not off even by 1 tick mark!) both hour and minute hands align exactly at the 12:00 when set to 12:00 (which sadly, some watches don't do!) I really like the big crown set at 4:00, makes it easy for me to pull out and adjust. The lume is very bright. Also not too heavy considering the height and the amount of steel that's probably in it. Also don't care much for viewable casebacks and glad this watch has a steel caseback instead of a viewing window.

There's a few things I don't like:

The bezel edges are very sharp. if the bezel rubs against clothing it can gradually pull and scratch at the clothes and cause tears and rips. The most notable being the left pants pocket-more wear caused by the sharp bezel than my right.

I prefer 3:00 dates over 4:00 dates, but I think this was chosen because the 12, 3, 6, and 9 have double batons and they wanted to keep the style, so the date window got shifted down.

screwing in the crown also winds the watch. I like watches where if I screwed down the crown it doesn't also wind the watch. something about the way it feels. Another preference thing.

All in all, the watch has a lot of character, it sure packs a lot of great features and is (to me) worth more than what I paid for it. The watch taco is an awesome bonus, as is the maratac zulu band, which I think is a decent included band.

awesome timepiece

very well made, worth every penny.
the only criticism is the engraving on the back doesn’t line up with the watch body. function and form is everything you need and nothing you don’t.

New daily driver (diver)

This is a great watch. Very “machiney” from the brushed finish, straight lugs, machined crown, ceramic bezel with a very satisfying click, color-shift face to the simple yet easy to read markings with superb lume. Excellent build quality. Looks great on the Maratac strap.

The only problem with this watch is that now my other daily drivers won’t see much wrist time.

Stunning Piece

Hard to take my eyes off this watch it's so cool. My first automatic watch and very happy with it. This piece will likely stay on my wrist until the band wears out. On land, in the air and in the water it shall go. Took the advice of a watchmaker friend and only adjust the date after setting the time to 6:30 to be sure the engagement of the date gear when turning the crown would not conflict with the time gears. When setting the date be sure to choose the day prior and go past midnight into the desired date to be sure AM and PM are correct.

nice watch

Great size. clean look. The dial luminosity is great.