DROp-LINE RApid Line Deployment System


The Drop-Line RLD System is a specifically requested device by troops to carry on their MOLLE gear and belt loops for extended carry of both 550 and 3/32 Tether cordage. The Drop-Line wheel can accommodate about 50 feet of Paracord and 100 feet of 3/32 Tether cord. The matt black carabiner features a secure screw-down locking loop head to prevent loss under the most extreme conditions. The Delrin® wheel will not corrode and has a start and stop notch for cord placement for easy winding and unwinding. What will you use your Drop-Line RLD system for…..?

Applications include: Hiking, Boating, Water Rescue, Tree Trimers, Para Rescue, Medics, Hunters, Military...

Co-designed with Stormdrane
Made in the U.S.
Carabiner rated to 31kN
Contents: Carabiner & Delrin Roll
3.5 OZ

Cord Not Included !!!

Introductory Price $32.95

This is not a life safety device !


Dropline Review ( Click here )

Note from our Legal Department: While Drop Line is a super tool that has lots of applications including uses in the public safety, 550 Paracord is not approved for life safety applications by the NFPA or any other recognized safety organization. Read the attatched safety information. As with most High Speed Low Drag equipment, get professional instruction, know your equipment's limits and know your limits.

Use responsibly !!!