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CountyComm boasts cutting-edge capabilities, featuring 7-axis CNC / technology, precision lathes, advanced metallurgy expertise, versatile molding, and more. We deliver top-tier manufacturing solutions.

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    Precision Design & Engineering

    The unique design of our titanium wrench's jaw is meticulously machined with precision, guaranteeing exacting performance and longevity for every turn. Completely built in house, so we can manage every step of the process from start to finish!

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    100% Machined Titanium

    Heat treated to improve the strength and hardness of cutting tools, enhance wear resistance, making tools stronger and last longer!

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    Over Engineered

    Built to incredible accuracy to the exact contract specifications, all the way down to .0015 mm precision!

what our customers think

"Awesome product, I carry mine almost daily with torx bits for knife adjustments on the fly."


"I have the raw titanium version and it’s a phenomenal timepiece."


"Already made 4, maybe 5 purchases from you guys over the past 2 weeks. You do it right!"