Maratac™ Mid-Range Bag ( ACU Gray )

The Perfect Pilot and EDC Bag.

How would you build a bag that fits all your mission specific needs and everyone else's too? What do you do when your mission changes? Maratac™ figured out how to do just that.

  • Comes with three ABS Stiffner walls to protect your valuables.
  • Fits a 15.4" laptop in the main compartment and can accommodate a 13.3" laptop in the padded internal compartment when a stiffener is removed.
  • Outside Dimensions: 11" Tall x 14" Long x 7" Wide

This bag is versatile and can be set up so many different ways that not only can it be mission specific, but also act as a personal force multiplier. This bag is capable of carrying your needed "bail out" tactical gear, as well as paperwork, Your Posse box, extra weapons, or laptop computer will all be in in your main bag. No more will you need to carry multiple bags. This one bag can carry your emergency tactical gear (extra lights, cuffs, ammo, whatever) as well as your day in day out administrative items (files, reference books, laptop computer, water bottle, pens).

Perhaps one of the best thing about this bag is the large amount of PALs (Pouch Attachment Ladders) to allow MOLLE pouches to attach on 3 of the 4 exterior sides. By purchasing whatever MOLLE compatible pouches you require, you can fully customize this bag for the equipment you need. From Police Chief to SWAT officer to Dog Catcher this one bag can fill all your needs.

The Maratac™ Mid-Range Bag includes a tough shoulder strap with a reversible non-slip pads. All zippers are YKK and there are multiple velcro areas to attach ID or morale patches. Shoulder strap hardware is Duraflex brand. Bag is made of 1000 Denier Ballistic Nylon. This bag is easily capable of carrying 75+ Lbs of cargo, (but your chiropractor will not recommend this).

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lawyerA Note From The Legal Department: There is no center divider like in the full size Range Bag.

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