Diplomat Pocket Organizer Series 2

by Maratac™ Extreme

These organizers have a Velcro loop patch sewn on the outside to attach flight suit name tags, blood type and a mesh outside pocket. There is a combination belt loop and pull handle on the rear of the pouch.

Now with 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon

This handy pocket organizer was designed to fit into your cargo pants pockets to carry all your small mission specific items such as pens, pencils, lights, notepads, PDAs and the other tools of the trade. Has elastic strap to hold up to five pens and a leash to secure small items such as flashlights or house keys.

  • Scovil Snaps for long lasting use.

$10.00 For a limited time, includes Free Velcro backed Subdued U.S. Flag.






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