Can Openers - U.S. Issue ~ - CountyComm
Can Openers - U.S. Issue ~ - CountyComm
Can Openers - U.S. Issue ~ - CountyComm

Can Openers - U.S. Issue ~

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P-38 ( Small ) & P-51 ( Large ) Sizes

Don't let it's small size and low price fool you. These handy P-38 can openers were issued by the U.S. military for decades. Growing up, these were always popular with Boy Scouts and travelers. These are brand new, nice and shiny. We have opened giant #10 industrial cans with them. It's not the fastest can opener you have ever used but we feel confident saying, it's probably the smallest. 

A Trivia Note: The P-38 Can opener got its name because it took 38 movements to open a standard military C-Rations can. Having canned food for an emergency does you no good if you can't get in to it.

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Customer Reviews

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William Zwick (Pittsburgh, US)
Well Made!!!

These are the best small can openers I have purchased. Love CountyComm

John V. Lujan (Denver, US)
Simply awesome

Used these (smaller version) when I was int he Air Force. These have a better grip and function just as well. Love ‘em.

John Smith (Irmo, US)
P-51 Can opener

It's gotta be the best and simplest can opener made.
Stick one deep down in your wallet until you need it.

Victor Butler (Spicewood, US)

Convenient and cheap. I would prefer one in titanium.

Dan Smith (Ripley, US)
Can't leave home with out it

Alot people ask what is it, have carried one for years must have

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