AAA Accessories By Maratac ™ - CountyComm
AAA Accessories By Maratac ™ - CountyComm
AAA Accessories By Maratac ™ - CountyComm

AAA Accessories By Maratac ~

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Don't forget spare parts for your beloved AAA Maratac Flashlights. 

Spare Glow Diffuser for all AAA Maratac Flashlights 

Make your AAA light diffuse light for which is excellent for reading, walking the dog or traversing your local movie theater

Spare Steel Pocket Clip

Can be easily clipped onto a hat, jeans or t-shirt

( Make sure to select either the diffuser or the clip )

    Customer Reviews

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    Awesome quality as always!

    I use these lights most often as head lamps. One great quality of CC lights is that they are designed for the clips to be reversible. Just turn it around and you can clip the light to the bill of a cap or visor. I won’t buy an EDC light if revivable clips is not an option. It works great and is cooler to me than an elastic band wrapped around my head. Why use one of those when you can have a solid copper or brass beauty affixed to your favorite hat?

    Thanks again County Comm!!!

    Great Little Accessory (Glow Diffuser)

    Picked one of these up, not sure if it would fit my non-Countycomm AAA flashlight, but it does. Does a great job diffusing the light and the glow-in-the-dark aspect is just a bonus, at least for me.


    Great replacement for the original clip that came with it.

    You need this!

    The diffuser is a fantastic accessory to convert your pocket light into a candle. If you're reading this review, you already know you want one. Go ahead and buy it. You will enjoy using it.

    ecxellent light

    Lit up the camp on my last trip. I was surprised that the low mode was still too bright to save my night vision when hiking around or doing closeup work. I have the Thrunite Ti3 and its low is about right - just a little too low though. The mid on the Maretac is more useful than the Ti3 and the high kicks butt for a AAA flashlight. Love both. If Maretac dropped low to a "read/walk at night" level, they would have it dialed in.