Titanium Tritium Cage - CountyComm
Titanium Tritium Cage - CountyComm
Titanium Tritium Cage - CountyComm
Titanium Tritium Cage - CountyComm
Titanium Tritium Cage - CountyComm
Titanium Tritium Cage - CountyComm
Titanium Tritium Cage - CountyComm
Titanium Tritium Cage - CountyComm
Titanium Tritium Cage - CountyComm

Titanium Tritium Cage

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If you like tritium vials as much as we do, you will understand that they are fragile and need to be protected.

Nothing protects your Tritium vials like our Titanium Tritium Cages. They will handle a 3mm diameter tube up to 22.5mm long (or multiple 3mm diameter tubes as long as the length does not exceed 22.5mm)

Do you have a 3mm vial that is shorter than 22.5mm, or your vial moves around? That’s OK, we include some shock absorbing foam to help cradle your tube. 


  • Material: Grade 4 Titanium
  • Fits: 3mm Tritium Tubes, or multiple tubes providing length does not exceed 22.5mm
  • Outside Over All Length: 40.27mm
  • Outside Diameter: 7mm
  • Lanyard Hole: 3mm X 5mm
  • Holes: 7 holes on 6 sides, Total of 42 light holes.

Heat Treating Note: Yes, you can heat treat the titanium cage and get some awesome results, just remember to remove your vial before you begin

Note: CountyComm does not sell Tritium or Tritium vials. There are plenty of sources online that sell 3mm diameter tubes. To clarify our Titanium Tritium Cages are shipped to you empty.

(Titanium Tritium Cage are sold as singles )

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
kaitlin Kiesel (Spokane, US)
Awesome quality. As usual from Countycomm

Cool little piece, well made as you can count on from county comm, I have an addiction to titanium and county comm is my main dealer. If you are buying a tritium vial for the first time stick with green or blue. Other colors don’t glow as bright.

Ralph Ford (Batavia, US)
Awesome Item

This Tritium cage is Awesome. My Tritium tube was a perfect fit, Gives off much more light than expected. Top notch workmanship, TIP I used a very small drop of light duty lock tight on the threads to keep the cap from working its way off. This is another must have item. Oh, If you buy tritium tubes try to buy form England not China

Tom (Dallas, US)
Just ordered 7th and 8th Cages!

Clearly I love them. For the folks looking for inserts, I just got an in stock notice from: https://www.mixglo.com

Bought all other inserts there and Daniel is a great guy to work with. His price for the vials is very good, but get with your buddies for a group buy to offset the shipping. It is high, but that's likely a function of the Tritium safety vs. him gouging.

Eric Kobashikawa (Honolulu, US)

The titanium cage is very nice, a bit on the small side, but I never owned one. Getting the tritium was way more difficult and pricey. To get somewhat of a better deal, it's coming from China. Can't wait to put it on my keychain!

Michael S. (Orlando, US)
Keep your pretties safe.

I didn't think you could improve the actual look of the tritium but these cages create a nice uniform pattern that actually makes it more attractive then it already was. Mind-blowing counterintuitive results are experienced. They feel nice in the hand as well. Keep unnecessary light to a minimum and turn your coolness factor up a notch in one fell swoop.

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