Delrin Ultimate EDC Capsule (Waterproof) - CountyComm
Delrin Ultimate EDC Capsule (Waterproof) - CountyComm
Delrin Ultimate EDC Capsule (Waterproof) - CountyComm
Delrin Ultimate EDC Capsule (Waterproof) - CountyComm
Delrin Ultimate EDC Capsule (Waterproof) - CountyComm
Delrin Ultimate EDC Capsule (Waterproof) - CountyComm
Delrin Ultimate EDC Capsule (Waterproof) - CountyComm
Delrin Ultimate EDC Capsule (Waterproof) - CountyComm

Delrin Ultimate EDC Capsule (Waterproof)

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The original government use is unknown for this product. We have a very limited overrun of the Delrin® Ultimate EDC Capsule (Waterproof). We are not quite sure what Uncle Sam is putting in his lightweight Delrin® capsules, but we are using ours to keep small important items close and secure. Brand new, never used, overrun from government contract.

Cage : 5VKB6.

Tether-able with back end 1/4" loop hole

Possible uses include:

  • Geo-caching
  • Back Pack lanyard
  • Outdoor Emergency Key Holder
  • EDC Kit
  • Stormproof matches
  • Emergency cash stash
  • Water purification tablets
  • Money storage


  • Delrin® is a lightweight, extremely stable space age polymer.
  • Overall length: 108 mm or 4.2"
  • External diameter: 57 mm or 2.24"
  • Internal opening: 47 mm or 1.84"
  • Internal depth: 84 mm or 3.3"
  • Weight 157 grams / 5.5 oz
  • Head is CNC machined hollowed out for additional storage space
  • Lid is secured via flange to cap seal ( Internal o-ring )
  • Top side unscrews
  • Not for food storage
  • U.S. Made
  • SPO : 698200 / DIA

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Unsure on what purpose to use, but it is neet gadget.

The 4 stars, well I'm not sure what purpose this item will serve or how it will serve a function. The item is large. Its length is about the width of a persons hand. It appears as a type of plastic. I'm not sure what Delrin ultimate EDC is. The walls are thick. It is not an over sized matches keeper. The inside is as deep as qtips. It is waterproof but i do not know what to store in it. Its too big for pants pockets but ok for a jacket pocket if you do not need the picket for your hands. If you have an item that needs to be weather protected and is large this might be for you. Since purchase I'm searching my brain to figure out how to use this, its purpose and what to put in it. I do like it, and no regrets. After reading other reviews it appears they use it for batteries.

Nice idea but?

Too bulky for an EDC capsule, not practical for every day use. The smell every time you open it is very unpleasant. The construction is excellent, however the surface scratches easily, but this appears to be cosmetic only as the capsule appears very strong.
I would return this product if the shipping was cost effective, so it is the trash for this product.

Heavy duty...

These are stout storage capsules! Don’t let the “capsule” part fool you, they’re substantial. For $24.50, I went ahead and got three of them. They are heavy-duty and well-made and you can quite a bit in them (see pic of items that fit). Beware though, they have a very strong on the inside when you open them. Exterior is fine, no odor at all.

Exceptional Product !!!!

The Delrin Ultimate EDC Capsule is outstanding !!!! I've purchased several variations of this product from you in the past & informed my associates of your various products who have in turn acquired products from you. They are very pleased also. I count on your unique vercital items. Keep doing what you do. All of you at CountyComm take care !!!!

A Little Battery Vault!

After using multiple Delrin Battery Lockers of different sizes, I got a Delrin Ultimate EDC Capsule. It holds multiple batteries of different sizes. It will hold one 26650 with two 18650, and two AAA cells. Another combo is three 18650, two AA, and one AAA. It is another great waterproof battery option!