SERE Compass ~ - CountyComm
SERE Compass ~ - CountyComm
SERE Compass ~ - CountyComm
SERE Compass ~ - CountyComm
SERE Compass ~ - CountyComm
SERE Compass ~ - CountyComm
SERE Compass ~ - CountyComm
SERE Compass ~ - CountyComm

SERE Compass ~

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S.E.R.E. Compass (Compass, Magnetic, Unmounted)

These compact compasses are usually seen in Aircrew Survival Kits and seldom seen by the public. This production run was delivered last month and we were fortunate enough to get some of the extras.


  • Overall Height: 0.213 inches nominal
  • Overall Diameter: 0.75 inches nominal
  • Case Material: Machined Brass
  • Crystal Type: Acrylic
  • Instrument Type: DRY (will not freeze or develop bubbles) 
  • Diameter: 0.750 inches nominal
  • Inscription: Degrees
  • Graduation Range: +0.0/+360.0
  • Smallest Increment: 22.5 degrees

Special Features : Din sealed brass case; threaded with 45 lb braided nylon fish line; 
compass card has prominent luminious paint markings.

Limited Introduction From Surplus

Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews
Ivan "Tex" Gilmore (Washington, US)
Find your way

Was looking for a small, reliable compass to keep in my EDC pouch. This is the one! So far, really good choice. Thanks.

Chris Newport (La Mirada, US)
A good dependable first and last resor

This is an efficient, well made basic directional compass and will serve a Soldier or traveler well as a backup to the issue compass or one small enough to have with you all the time as a traveler who may need a guide to get where you need to be. You can put it in your shoulder bag and forget about it until its needed. When that need occurs this will not fail you. How can you afford not to have one with you.

HAWK (Castle Rock, US)

One Awesome Little compass. Ive shook it, dropped it on the ground and in water. Still points N when matching up to my Silva

Jose V (Tucson, US)
A must for bug out or edc

I've got one in the hollow handle of my knife, one in my pack, one in my first aid kit, one in my fire starting kit, and a few extras just in case. I had one on my keychain but the glass cracked (it still works though). Great for its intended purpose.

Duncan Ewing (Yarraville, AU)
Mmm Antique Brass!

Great little compass you can wear of have on the key ring without even knowing it’s there. Works great too, being very small the compass does seem to be very easily affected by any ferrous metal too close.
Lovely product!

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