Deep Cover Clip Pouch By Maratac - Rev 3
Deep Cover Clip Pouch By Maratac - Rev 2 - CountyComm
Deep Cover Clip Pouch By Maratac - Rev 3
Deep Cover Clip Pouch By Maratac - Rev 2 - CountyComm
Deep Cover Clip Pouch By Maratac - Rev 3
Deep Cover Clip Pouch By Maratac - Rev 3

Deep Cover Clip Pouch By Maratac - Rev 3

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Gen 3 New For 2021

More Compact Seat Poly Webbing / None abrasive / Matt oxide Clip


Versatile Carry-all

1. .35" longer to make it easier to add and remove your: Keys / Cash /  Credit Cards from your pouch / wallet.

2. Black subdued stitching - be low key when you want to...

Necessity is the mother of invention. The “Deep Cover Clip Pouch” was originally designed by a member our Design Team for his personal use, but was so practical we wanted everyone to have one.

He wanted to carry his photo ID and credit cards with a little cash securely out of the way freeing up his pockets for his other EDC gear.

It easily carries 8 cards with room for more. It’s measurements excluding the clip are 4.6” x 2.7”. The robust blackened spring steel clip will handle up to a 1.75” wide belt.

The “Deep Cover Clip Pouch” fits comfortably in front of, or behind your left or right hip. The pouch sits inside your pants waistband and the clip extends over your belt for truly covert carry of your ID and credit cards.

The “Deep Cover Clip Pouch” has been refined and improved over the last year with everyday use and testing to what you see before you today.

  • Designed to hold and organize multiple small items / Wallet / Keys / EDC
  • Strong Rigid Black Oxide Clip
  • Black Poly Webbing With Fire Engine Stitching
  • Dimensions: 2.7"H x 4.6"W x .5D - 1.2 D
  • Weight 36.1 Grams / 1.3 Ounces

Customer Reviews

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Nate S. (Warwick, US)
Deep Cover Clip Pouch

Tough, tasteful, well-designed and practical. Everything I want in the things I carry.

Chris M Smalley (Lowell, US)
Handy wallet

I switched out of the big fat wallet a few years ago with just a leather slot wallet with 5 slots for ID and debit/credit cards etc. The leather got smooth and would slip out of my back pocket without me noticing. This little handy pouch with a pocket clip zippers shut and clips to the edge of my belt now. I still panic and check to see if its still there but it is, everytime. Highly recommend this for use as a wallet, simpify your life down to about 8 things. Cram them in here and keep your big fat George Costanza wallet on your dresser or in the console/glove box of your vehicle. I did it and my lower back thanks me every day. This won't throw your back out of alignment.

Charles Loader (Holly, US)
Very Handy

Well made and sturdy to hold my personal Rosary and other religious items. Really like having it clipped to my belt as opposed to bulging my pocket.

Jerry Q (Schenectady, US)
Best one I have found so far

Slightly larger than most so ids and credit cards fit more easily in and out. The belt clip is metal so it should last longer than the plastic one's on others I've had.

W. Marshall (Lenexa, US)
Handy Pouch

First bought it to carry the magnifier lens—soon realized I could use it to carry in one place the small items that I carry in my pockets. Pretty certain I need another.

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