ITW Survival Whistle ~ - CountyComm
ITW Survival Whistle ~ - CountyComm
ITW Survival Whistle ~ - CountyComm
ITW Survival Whistle ~ - CountyComm
ITW Survival Whistle ~ - CountyComm
ITW Survival Whistle ~ - CountyComm

ITW Survival Whistle ~

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The ITW Survival Whistle is capable of producing over 100 decibels of sound to summon help in emergency situations. The ITW Survival Whistle is equally at home on land, sea, desert, jungle or city streets. It is the ultimate safety whistle.

  • Its polypropylene lightweight construction won't corrode, and it floats.
  • It meets or exceeds the new ISO safety standards, ISO 12402-8.
  • This whistle emits a high-pitched sound that is significantly louder than a conventional ball whistle.
  • Made in U.S.A

Customer Reviews

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Whistle While You...

I’ve never carried a whistle on my keychain; however, since acquiring my LTC, and completing additional courses regarding safety and self protection, I decided a whistle could be part of a first line of defense. When looking for a whistle, the ITW Survival Whistle met my requirements: inexpensive, durable, LOUD, brightly colored, and light weight. This little whistle could potentially scare off any thug who might think I could be their next target. If not, I have additional protection they won’t like. Thanks CountyCom for carrying all levels of effective EDC. Thinking ahead...these would be great Christmas Stocking Stuffers.

Great Gifts

I must have bought 20 of these over time.
Add them to go bags and stocking stuffers.

Good Whistle

Inexpensive, light weight and nearly indestructible. Great, unique sound which is easy for the ear to discern. I've bought several and keep one in my canoe, truck, hunting and outdoor gear.

Great little whistle

Fits perfectly on a MOLLE strap, and is good and loud for emergency signalling, or just annoying the neighbors.

Good, but not the loudest

This is a nice whistle, it's durable, peeless (so it doesn't rattle around), the lanyard hole holds strong and hasn't broken off after a few months of hanging off of an infantryman's kit. It's a nice compact size that can be easily stuffed into pouches and still be yanked out by the lanyard when needed. The polymer never gets too hot or cold to touch and doesn't make noise banging into other things on your load bearing kit. And, of course, the price is right. All that said, it is not suitable for use as a lift/shift signal. It's just not loud enough. It is also relatively high pitched as whistles go.

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