"Mil Series" Bands by Maratac ™ - CountyComm
"Mil Series" Bands by Maratac ™ - CountyComm
"Mil Series" Bands by Maratac ™ - CountyComm
"Mil Series" Bands by Maratac ™ - CountyComm

"Mil Series" Bands by Maratac ™~

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Maratac™ did it again. They took the U.S. Government specifications watchbands and then made them better. Maratac™ made these new bands better and stronger than U.S. Military spec # MIL-S-46383. Maratac™ used their ultrasonic drilling process to cut perfect holes that eliminate rough spots around the holes. These new Maratac™ Mil Series bands feature non-magnetic stainless steel buckles that have been coated with mil spec black phosphate to eliminate possible reflection. How could it get better? Maratac™ added more colors and larger selection of sizes than Uncle Sam ever thought of.

Overall length (includes buckle) 10.25"

Customer Reviews

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Great quality. Great price. No hassles. Shorting stick

Exactly what I was looking for, bit thinner than the style with the metal rings, and less floppy on the long end. Unfortunately only a few colours and sizes available, but I got what I needed. They were either on sale, or really well priced. Either way would buy AGAIN.

Great strap

Exactly the right weight and length. I'd also like to get the olive drab color. Will it be available again?

Great Bands

These are great bands at a great price. I love all three colors.

Great product, amazing value.

In the weeks prior to buying your watch straps I bought 4 from other vendors. Your straps have much better hardware and a higher comfort level. The price was excellent, I see why your inventory was reduced. Hopefully you restock so I can purchase more.

Excellent quality.

Well made and simple, just the way they should be. Love the buckle detail too. I just wish they were available in a 300mm length. I like a little tuck back into the keeper on my straps but still, VERY pleased.