Navigator Compass REV 2 - CountyComm
Navigator Compass REV 2 - CountyComm
Navigator Compass REV 2 - CountyComm
Navigator Compass REV 3 ~

Navigator Compass REV 3 ~

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A compass for your watch & more (Now with a new look)

CountyComm was able to purchase the over run of these compasses and is able to offer the extras here. They Fit 18-22mm Nylon watch bands and they are great in your survival tin.

A Note From Our Legal Department: Sorry the pictured watch and band are not included with your purchase of the Navigator Compass.

Customer Reviews

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Great Watch Band Compass

This works great on all my watch bands.

Great for the price

This is a nice little clip on compass. For the price you really cannot ask for anything more.

Great compass for most watches.

I really like how accurate these compass' are but when I put it on my mechanical marathon watch it actually slowed down the mechanism and I lost 5 hours that day. The compass on a strap by itself was great but I did want it as a companion piece. These are worth the money though but make sure your application works with these.

Great addition to your EDC gear.

This small compass looks great and fits on any 18mm watch band next to your watch. I have had it about a year and it still points to magnetic north when matched to my full size compass. Just one knock though, it needs to be held really flat horizontal to rotate correctly. Beats carrying a full size Silva around when vacationing, unobtrusive and still gets looks and questions from waitstaff and others who appreciate good gear. Probably should have bought a spare....timing is everything.

Necessary for field situational awareness

When in unfamiliar surroundings outside your normal AO any compass is better than none. ABSOLUTELY essential for backup to your primary NAV equipment because GPS batteries go flat and in a worst case a high altitude EMP burst will wipe out the satellites. You should ALWAYS have a minimal , but reliable compass as backup to orient yourself to the map and terrain or else you will wander for 40 days in the wilderness and either die or be captured by people you would not bring home to Mother.

While orienteering compass on dummy cord is primary, having one of these on my watch band is backup even if I am in DC and just trying to find my way from the club to the BOQ.