Nub Titanium Screwdriver by Maratac
Nub Titanium Screwdriver by Maratac
Nub Titanium Screwdriver by Maratac
Nub Titanium Screwdriver by Maratac
Nub Titanium Screwdriver by Maratac
Nub Titanium Screwdriver by Maratac
Nub Titanium Screwdriver by Maratac
Nub Titanium Screwdriver by Maratac
Nub Titanium Screwdriver by Maratac

Nub Titanium Screwdriver by Maratac

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Limited overrun includes titanium 25mm titanium split ring

The Nub Titanium Screwdriver by Maratac comes with a Phillips and flat head bit set so you can keep the bit you prefer at hand, ready to go. This versatile tool fits easily on your keychain for easy access 24/7.

Always be ready for action with your Nub.

We have also found it great for opening Amazon boxes too



.8 Ounces Including 25mm Titanium Split Ring

2.4" with bit   x .46"

Grade 5 titanium 

N55 Neodymium magnetic holds in the 1/4" bits


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
FOBean (Washington, US)
Great little keychain screwdriver EXCEPT......

I love the size of this, the dimpling provides great grip, and I love that it comes with a titanium split ring Keyring for extra leverage.

However, the magnet at the end to hold the 1/4" bits in place is REALLY weak, especially compared to the other CC titanium screwdrivers I have. Those other ones are super powerful and you have to really get a good hold on them to remove them because the magnets are so much stronger. But at least on the NUB that I got, the magnet is so weak that after just one week of having it, I already lost both bits that came with it because it was hooked to a carabiner on my belt loop with the rest of my keys. So now I have to use my own bits AND keep it in my pockets, which isn't very fun when im getting poked at constantly.

Maybe i just got one with a weak magnet and it was just a one time thing, I hope that's what happened. I had such high hopes for this, and if the magnet would be much stronger like my other CC titanium screwdrivers, which I expected, then this would definitely get 5 stars from me.

But if you're carrying yours differently than I am and its in a pocket, then you shouldn't have to worry about losing the bits.

As another reviewer said, if this had a shaft for the bits that was long enough to hold a DOUBLE ended bit (Philips and flathead), it would be absolutely perfect for ME 😎👍

Still, for the $12 this costs, its a great EDC screwdriver when you really need it in a pinch and im glad I have one!!? I carry a bunch of smaller EDC items in my CC Rev 3 zipper wallet, including a few extra 1/4" bits, and this has been a lifesaver for me a few times. I just can't trust it on my belt loop outside of my pockets like I intended to use it originally.

Another killer CountyComm product, and because of CC, my titanium tool and watch collection is growing very nicely and rapidly 😎👍😁

Jerry F (Seminole, US)
Needs bit storage or double ended bit.

This is a great little driver, for keychain or field kit. It just needs a place to store the extra bit or a double ended bit like the EDC Key driver. I stole the one out of my EDC driver because I like this one much better. Please make this bit available again soon.

Thanks, Jerry

Al N. (Decatur, US)
Best of Its Type

I’ve tried a lot of screwdrivers on my keychain. This is best one so far.

Titanium won’t flex or deform unless I use unreasonable force. The texture is good for easy jobs. I like the choice to use a big keyring for torque or a small one to make it more pocket friendly.

Marvin Thomas (San Antonio, US)
Nub Titanium Screwdriver by Maratac

I love having a quality tool with me at all times, and this fills the bill.

This screwdriver is small, lightweight, and stout enough for all your quick repair needs.

Another quality edc tool from CountyComm.

sdragon (Torrance, US)
Best keyring sized driver IMHO

Another great titanium tool from CC. I have been looking for a driver this size for some time and have bought many - but this the one. Compact, takes standard bits, with good build quality. The key ring itself provides additional torque.

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