Pro Intelligent Battery Charger - CountyComm
Pro Intelligent Battery Charger - CountyComm
Pro Intelligent Battery Charger - CountyComm
Pro Intelligent Battery Charger - CountyComm
Pro Intelligent Battery Charger - CountyComm

Pro Intelligent Battery Charger

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The Pro Intelligent Battery Charger is both simple and intuitive. You can use Li-ion, Ni-MH & Ni-Cd cells safely with this charger. Keep a charger in your backpack, go bag, office or even in your car.

Pick your your current charge rate between .5A / 1A / 2A depending on the cell you're using. The charge will taper off current as the cell nears full charger.

This amazing charger works with cells from 10440 / RCR123  all the way upto 18650 / 26500 / 26700 cells and everything in-between.

3.7v - 4.2V operating charger output voltage

Alway use a 5V 2.4A minimum usb port source to fully utilize this charger.

Also includes Mini USB cable and requires a USB brick or port to charge.

Legal Note : Dont ever use standard AAA/AA/C/D cells or unverified or certified cells with this charger! Always charge in a safe dry location between 40F-90F. Dont leave the charger unattended & always use responsibly!

Customer Reviews

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Versatile Charger

I purchased this charger in combination with my new quad emitter flashlight. The device was priced fairly and is simple to use. I am very happy with this charger.

Compact battery charger

Great charger, compact, easy to carry around in a go-bag. The ability to detach the cable from the charging unit is great so as to not damage the port or the cable. Solid way to charge up the batteries used to power the various awesome flashlights/torches from CountyComm.

Handy Dandy

It works and handles my battery remuda just fine

I like the lights.

This charger shows you the progress it makes charging your battery which is better than most. It also charges more sizes than most.

This one's a keeper!

I've tried various battery chargers, and was still searching for one that will service many battery types (25), is compact, and works well. This one fills the bill. I like the indicator lights that give the current battery level, and show each stage of charging, all the way to completion. The small footprint means it is easy to include in a go kit. After testing the first one, I had to have another. Good job CC on making this little jewel available to your customers.

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