Quick Case by Maratac Rev 2 - CountyComm
Quick Case by Maratac Rev 2 - CountyComm
Quick Case by Maratac Rev 2 - CountyComm
Quick Case by Maratac Rev 2 - CountyComm
Quick Case by Maratac Rev 2 - CountyComm
Quick Case by Maratac Rev 2 - CountyComm

Quick Case by Maratac Rev 2

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Rev 2 Upgrade 

Velcro Covering The Entire Front Of the Sheath For Greater Flexibility On Adjustments

Manufactured by Maratac™ for CountyComm

The Quick Case by Maratac is an EDC / Preppers go to case for quickly adding a case / pocket to any velcro friendly bag. This case is designed to carry anything that can fit inside, varying from pens, flashlights, EDC gear, first aid, and even Mid Breacher Bar.

Keep one in your car, safe door at home, at the office and anywhere else a little case will come in handy. You will probably have a ton of ideas too since the possibilities are endless.... Headphones, Nortons sticks, ruler etc.


Size: 6" x 2" x. 3 - 1"

Holds unto 6.5" Length

Material: Tough Nylon Webbing

Rev 1 Below With Half The Front Facing Velcro

Customer Reviews

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Very nice precision knife

These blades are scary sharp. Comes with #60 blades, and can also use #24 blades, both readily available. Only nit I can see is that the blade touches the liner when closed. This would never fly on an expensive knife but is ok I guess. Very nice craftmanship, sturdy clip, great for field surgery when needed.

Handy case

This is a handy little case to help organize and keep track of smaller tools or writing utensils. Any place that had a large enough strip of velcro for it to attach to can be used. I attached one of theae to another belt pouch I got from County Comm, this holds the Titanium screw driver handle I got from them. The other pouch holds one of their "mint tins" with the topographical print on the lid. Inside that are the bits for the driver, along with one of the folding scalpels, extra blades for it, and a couple of other things. Its a great little tool set up in my EDC bag.

Quick case

Great size and carry strap is a useful feature—good price

Very cool little case!

Great case to help keep your things organized. Buy with confidence. I love mine.

Not so pleased

I have purchased much from CC over a period of many years. This is my first disappointment. The overall quality of my case was not Maratac usual. Frankly, I am surprized Maratac put their name on it. Must have been the line inspector's day off.

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WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov