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Spare 14500 Cell Battery For Reylight & TaskLight Only!

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Also designed for new Maratac Compact Tri Flood 14500 Flashlight

14500 - > AA Size 3.7V 800 MAH 


  • Model:3.7V 800MAH AA ICR 14500 Battery
  • 1.95" x .56mm
  • Do NOT use these batteries in flashlights that require 1.5V batteries.

Charging Output for 14500 Battery 4.2V @ Upto 1A Max

Note only charge at .5A-1A for 14500 Cells to safely prolong the battery life upto 2000 cycles


We have received hundreds of emails asking for a light which uses a 14500 cell battery.  We now have the ReyLight AA/14500 light which works with both cell variants. 

Also works with Maratac Tasklight

Why use a 14500 Lithium cell? Higher voltage = Much brighter & also rechargeable 


Warning: Dont use this cell in another AA or Maratac light you have as it will void your warranty and destroy the light. Misusing or mishandling a lithium-ion battery may cause a FIRE or EXPLOSION which can result in INJURY or DEATH. You MUST read the safety warnings and resources before purchasing, using, and/or handling batteries.



  • Misusing or mishandling lithium ion batteries can pose a SERIOUS RISK of personal injury, property damage, or death
  • Only use in a device which as a smart BMS built in
  • Note the length of the cell to ensure it will work in your application as well
  • If your flashlight were the only device into which a buyer might attempt to insert the battery, there’d be no issue. However, since it is a great battery, others may buy it for other purposes. They need to be warned of its limitations.
  • ONLY use with proper protection circuitry
  • ONLY use within manufacturer specification
  • DO NOT store loose in pocket, purse, etc. – always use a protective case
  • KEEP AWAY from metal objects to prevent short circuiting
  • DO NOT short circuit
  • DO NOT use if wrapper or insulator is damaged or torn
  • DO NOT use if damaged in any way
  • DO NOT overcharge or over-discharge
  • DO NOT modify, disassemble, puncture, cut, crush, or incinerate
  • DO NOT expose to liquids or high temperatures
  • DO NOT solder
  • User must be familiar with handling lithium ion batteries before purchase
  • Usage of batteries is AT YOUR OWN RISK

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    GregR (San Jose, US)

    When I buy a light that uses rechargeable lithiums, I always like to have two batteries (one as a spare) and a battery charger if it will be a gift.
    If you've gone to other sites that sell like I have there is a bit of learning curve. Does your light require button top or flat top batteries? with protection circuit (that adds to the length and may not fit) or an unprotected cell? Is the battery mAH capacity and discharge rate best for your light?

    I've got it figured out now, but when I buy as a gift...I love the CC's package deals.

    I know the Cells (batteries) will fit that light, and a charger is included. I also add in a second battery. Perfect gift, latest tech flashlight two cells and charger a complete gift.

    rg (Los Angeles, US)
    Great battery and customer service

    First, I have to day customer service is a 5. I had an incomplete order and the response to my email was fast. Second, I've been using the batteries for a few days. So far so good. Works well on my compact triflood flashlight.

    SG (Edmonds, US)
    ICR 14500 Battery

    Terrific battery that powers my Reylight. Great life and not overly expensive.

    F. (Washington, US)
    Awesome 14500 batteries...

    These are probably my favorite 14500 rechargeable batteries I've ever used. I've been using 14500 batteries instead of NIMH AA's for probably 5+ years now. Ever since buying my first Coast HX5 at Target and noticing on the package that the lumen output was double with the use of a 14500 vs. AA cells. So I immediately went back to Target and bought two more. I still have 2 of those 3 Coast HX5 flashlights, and even though I don't use them anymore, they're still loaded and ready to go if needed. I replaced the old 14500 batteries with these, and bought a few extras for my 14500 Tri Flood lights. I just bought a second 14500 Tri Flood too.

    These are great, reliable, high capacity 14500 rechargeable batteries and I would recommend buying at least 1-2 extras so your favorite 14500 flashlight is never without a fresh, fully charged battery 😎👍

    John V. Lujan (Denver, US)
    Just amazing

    Love these batteries. End result is a small light that illuminates better than any of the AA flashlights that I have.

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    WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

    Warning: This product may contains chemicals, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to