( Titanium ) VIP Mystery Swagg Pack

( Titanium ) VIP Mystery Swagg Pack

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For all you Titanium lovers this 5 piece kit is for you!

Limit 3 per customer ( Only 200 Of These Limited Kits Will Be Offered! ) 

For those interested in swag look no further... This grab bag is extra special for our VIP CC patrons!

The Swagg pack will be valued 200% + the cost of the pack itself

This is a mystery swag pack looking for an insane deal on several small EDC in one pack... you will not be disappointed 

Please post pictures and leave a review to show off your awesome swag!

Customer Reviews

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M. (Portland, US)
Exactly what others posted in review

I guess I was expecting to be surprised by what I got but it was exactly what others had posted. Overall, I suppose I’m happy with the purchase. I wish the chopsticks had come with the glow in the dark holder as the matching listing does but I guess that holder is not titanium. I have bought one of the $99 mystery swaggs and was happily surprised by what I got. That one was more exciting and worth more dollar per dollar than this one. I am a little disappointed, but that’s just me.

R. (Skutskaer, SE)
Perfect for me, and also a great gift generator

I have ordered a couple of times and every time I had removed the chopsticks, breacher bar and spork as non-essential. Now I got them, and their quality is superb. I would say that this pack also could work as a great value for gifting other people, at least the chopsticks attracts others wanting it!
Only bad thing would be the fact that I now want more Ti goods, beware ;)

S.C. (Tucson, US)
Fun Experience

I like titanium things so this mystery swagg pack piqued my interest. It's an eclectic assortment of items that will all be put to use somehow and I am quite happy with the purchase. I've tried using the chopsticks and so far I am no good at it, but they sure are beautiful. The fob and screw link will have immediate homes in my EDC. The spork will make a nice gift as I already have an abundance of Ti cutlery and the breacher bar will likely end up in my truck. Overall, each piece is very well made and I would certainly recommend the purchase to anyone who likes Ti and the excitement of trying new things they might not have purchased piece by piece.
All five items received:
Blue Robusto Titanium Chopsticks Kit - Gen 6
Incredible Industrial Titanium Spork Gen 2
Tumbled Titanium EOD Robotics Breacher Bar ( medium )
DTF - Dynamic Titanium Fob
Screw Link

Lance Lambert (New Port Richey, US)
Great value. Stuff I didn't know I needed

I probably would not have ordered some of these items separately, but I'm glad to have them and at an excellent price.

M.S. (Los Angeles, US)
( Titanium ) VIP Mystery Swagg Pack

A Titanium dream and a great value when you pay $29.95 and get $69.00+ worth of products in return. I love the chop sticks I have a few pair but can use another pair for myself or maybe a Christmas present. The Breacher Bar is so lite it is going in my go-bag. The spork is going in my car for those fast food or to-go food places that forget to give you utensils or you live in CA and you forget to ask for a fork or spoon since it is now against the law for them to just assume you need it for the food you bought. (not kidding)

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Warning: This product may contains chemicals, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov