TLL Strobe Light by Maratac  REV 3 - CountyComm
TLL Strobe Light by Maratac  REV 3 - CountyComm
TLL Strobe Light by Maratac  REV 3 - CountyComm
TLL Strobe Light by Maratac  REV 3 - CountyComm
TLL Strobe Light by Maratac  REV 3 - CountyComm
TLL Strobe Light by Maratac  REV 3 - CountyComm
TLL Strobe Light by Maratac  REV 3 - CountyComm
TLL Strobe Light by Maratac  REV 3 - CountyComm
TLL Strobe Light by Maratac  REV 3 - CountyComm
TLL Strobe Light by Maratac  REV 3 - CountyComm
TLL Strobe Light by Maratac  REV 3 - CountyComm
TLL Strobe Light by Maratac  REV 3 - CountyComm
TLL Strobe Light by Maratac  REV 3 - CountyComm

TLL Strobe Light by Maratac REV 3

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3 Modes ( High Constant On / Low Constant On / Strobe )

Includes Glow Retainer Ring

The TLL ( Temporary Landing Light ) STROBE was developed as a safe alternative to using flares to rapidly set up and mark LZs (Landing Zones) in emergency situations. Once we started fielding the TLL, we quickly discovered that they had more uses that did not include aircraft. Here’s some of the ways we are using the TLL around here:


  • Brighter
  • Glow Retainer Ring
  • Improved Smooth Thread Design
  • New Emitter For TLL Series Cree XP-G3

The strobe marks our duck blind to help us find it early in the morning.

It makes a great camping lantern. It illuminates the entire tent on low power and provides a nice reading light.

When going to a local football game, I left a TLL strobing in my car. When the game was over later that night, I had no problems finding my car. One of the security officers asked me about the flashing. He said the bright light brought their attention to my car. I consider the extra attention from the security staff a free bonus.

When camping, I gave one to my little girl. It’s big enough where she won’t loose it and rugged enough so she can’t break it. She can sit it down on it’s flat bottom and use the light. Probably most importantly, I don’t worry about her draining the battery. The TLL belongs in every “GO Bag”, car, boat, first aid kit, actually every where. If you set up emergency LZs for a living, you may already know about the versatility of the TLL, If not think of all the places where you could use one.


  • Length: 3.45" Diameter: 1.25"‚
  • Weight: 60 Grams Without Battery & 130 Grams With Battery.
  • Comes with extra o-ring
  • LED Type: Cree XP-G3 with a life span up to 50,000 hours. ( Diffused Beam )
  • The reflector is aluminum alloy
  • Flashlight body is made of aircraft grade aluminum covered with Type III Military grade anodization.
  • The lens is a sealed polypropylene sphere.
  • Has standard tripod mount threaded bottom for easy mounting
      • Ultrapod Mini Tripod ( Mini Tripod Optional )
  • The TLL's proprietary circuit design features reverse polarity protection and runs off of one D Cell battery that provides 3 levels of operation ( Constant High / Constant Low / Stobe )
  • Twist on for High
    Twist on again for Low
    Twist on again for Strobe
  • 3 Second Memory and then resets

Using a single Duracell D Cell battery we got the following results:

  • Constant On, Low mode, 40 lumens output for up to 375 hours
  • Constant On, High mode, 350 lumens output for up to 20 Hours
  • Stobe Burst Mode mode, 500 Lumens output for up to 250 Hours ( 70 Beats Per Minute )

A Note From The Legal Department: As with all cool stuff, “battery not included”. We do not recommend the use of Rechargable batteries with this flashlight. It is designed to use a off the shelf alkaline & lithium. We do not recommend use of higher voltage batteries. Any attempt to modify these lights will void the warranty.
No battery or tripod included.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent utility light.

You could go out and get one of those fancy “tactical combat torch EDC PDW” or whatever crap marketed flashlights from the internet and carry it with you everywhere, crank out up to 200-500 lumens. But your batteries will likely die very quickly, and the light is usually made to throw a beam way too far away.

When the power goes out your fancy combat light won’t last an hour at best.

This light? Will last literally days. Extended burn times using little resources? Check. Durable and well made? Absolutely. Water resistant? Heavily. Diffuser for excellent area lighting and signaling from far? Check.

Use it in your garage, under your car, in a tent, on a boat, in a bag, hanging from your person for a safety strobe, making a literal landing zone, signaling for help at the roadside, marking hunting blinds or remote woodland locations, you can do so much with this that you just can’t with a traditional beam thrower type flashlight. This is an incredible tool, and nobody else in the world makes anything like it.

They also make spacers for D cell flashlights, they allow you to use a single AA battery in a D cell flashlight. That’s right, cheap widely available AA’s in this thing!? Check. Now you have multiple energy options! The burn times will not be as long as a D cell. But you can carry a lot more AA batteries on you, and it also makes this light VERY lightweight since the adapters are plastic. For the weight of one of these with a D cell battery, you can have 3 with AA Adapters instead! Give one to each of your camping buddies so you can signal each other in the dark!

These things are really useful. Mine is the original Rev I, and while I absolutely LOVE my AAx2 extreme from CC? This is the one that’ll outlast it ten times over, and it’s more useful for a real world situation.

These are more expensive than I’d like. But you know what? They’re amazing. And you need to buy several, because you’ll never need anything else for probably at least a decade...

Maratac Rev 3. 1D cell Srobe

Vary nice. I got this primarily for
" insurance " Like boating, hiking, ect. Unexpected power outages or getting stranded. So as a not to get runnover kind of a deal. Be seen when you want to be seen. Nicely made, the burn time per D cell was the big seller. Looking forward to sept.-oct. I believe Mike said they may be making a C cell sized model.

Great light

Just purchased three of the Rev3. Have been using two Rev2 for the last year. They are both very nice lights. Use them for emergency and work area lighting. These new Rev3 models are brighter. They are also good deal larger than the Rev2. The Rev2 are still going to ride in my pack due to their size and weight. These Rev3’s are going to great additions to my resources. If there is a Rev4...... bring back the smaller size.

Super cool toy

I bought this primarily for emergency lighting during power outages, and to serve as a camping lantern. I keep it in the family car to serve as a flare. I also realized that it will make a great hotel nightlight/bathroom light for the kids. I really like the idea of using it to find the car in a large parking lot, too, but I haven't tried it. It feels well made, and is very bright on high and strobe.

Solid build, great functionality

Great product. Bombproof construction and very easy to use.