Clear Tube Vaults
Clear Tube Vaults
Clear Tube Vaults
Clear Tube Vaults
Clear Tube Vaults
Tube Vaults - CountyComm
Tube Vaults - CountyComm
Tube Vaults - CountyComm
Clear Tube Vaults
Clear Tube Vaults
Clear Tube Vaults

Clear Tube Vaults

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When the U.S. Military contacted us for a way to organize and store oral and injectable medications in the field, we provided these tube vaults. Once we had them in our hands we discovered their uses were endless.

These storage tubes are food and pharmaceutical grade crush resistant (not much in life is "crush proof") polyethylene terephthalate (PET). They come with air tight, liquid tight tamper evident caps. They are also dishwasher safe.

(Container volume: 50ml or aprox. 2oz)

Perfect for Batteries, Pills, Pocket Lunch, Alcohol, EDC Storage 

Internal Dimensions

5.75" Internal 
Depth x .85" Opening Width

External  Dimensions

6.1" x 1.3-1.1" Width

How our staff members are using them: some have already liberated for the following purposes: geocaching, sewing kits, detergent for those trips to the laundromat, flavored drink concentrates, thermometers, cotton swabs, mini survival capsule, the ultimate match safe, spare CR123 batteries, emergency money, tea, spices and sugar. Carry a double dose of cold medicine into the field leaving the big bottle at home. The possible uses are endless.

How is Uncle Sam using tube vaults? Military pharmacists insert glass medication bottles inside the vaults, they screw on the tamper evident seals and then issue them to the medics in the field. The pharmacists can even scan bar codes through the vault. Once the medication is in the field, the vaults protect the glass medication vials from dirt, dust and crushing. When the medic returns from the field, doing inventory of his pharmaceuticals is easy. If the tamper resistant seal is in place the medication wasn't used. If the seal is broken, it's been used and needs to be replaced. They can even rinse the dust off the outside without getting the inside contents moist. How will you use yours?

Tube Vault comes with 1 white tamper proof cap.

Also available International Orange tamper proof cap pack (10 Caps)

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Mike P (Plant City, US)
Great storage for meds.

Take up less space for extra meds or anything that needs to be hidden from (sticky fingers) my only suggestion would be a model about half as long.

HAWK (Castle Rock, US)
Works for Your Purpose

Its a tube. You put stuff in it. Need i say more? It works...

Peter J. Bertini (Los Angeles, US)
Tube Vault

Use it to hold my gold dice and eventually silver dice once they are back in stock. It's cheaper than the titanium tubes and is see through, which shows off the dice. Even though the titanium tubes are very, very nice, this is more practical for storage of the gold and silver dice.

B.W. (Santa Cruz, US)
Great for the kit

I've used these for my field cleaning kit. The mop, brush and jag all fit nicely. Don't forget the Norton tool..

Setchell (Belington, US)
Amazing quality

Super thick walls. Way stronger than I thought they would be. I'll be buying a lot more very soon

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