Velcro Backed ID Placard - Rev 2 - CountyComm
Velcro Backed ID Placard - Rev 2 - CountyComm
Velcro Backed ID Placard - Rev 2 - CountyComm
Velcro Backed ID Placard - Rev 2 - CountyComm
Velcro Backed ID Placard - Rev 2 - CountyComm

Velcro Backed ID Placard - Rev 2

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Rev 2 - Now Beefy & Heavy Duty 

The ID Placard was developed by a staff member who wanted to display his business card on the outside of his gear, but wanted it removable when appropriate. This simple product will fill many needs and applications. Here is what we came up with:

The ID Placard has a 2"x3.5" clear, stain resistant vinyl window that is edged on all sides then backed with Velcro hook to allow it to be used with our Bail Out Bag, Force Multiplier bag, 72 hour bag, medic and tool roll. Yes, we suppose you could put it on bags from other companies, but we wouldn't recommend it because your bag might spontaneously ignite into flames.

The ID Placard makes it easy to change from on duty to off duty persona just by removing the placard.

May we suggest you carry a few business cards in your ID Placard, so when you need to present one you don't have to dig for it. We put a couple dollars behind our cards just in case of an emergency.

The CountyComm staffer who helped develop the ID placard wrote : "I have been flying on commercial aircraft using the original prototype and like the options it provides. Sometimes I remove the ID Placard completely or I insert a bogus business card from "Pyramid Multiple Level Marketing" when I don't wish to be bothered by other passengers". "It's amazing how often I get an empty seat next to me".

Rob writes to us, and says:

"Thought I'd give you guys a heads up on another use for your ID placard. Although it's touted as a luggage /travel accessory, it's the best quality auto insurance/registration holder I've come across. Most others use crappy black vinyl that tears and have black straps that wrap around the visor and are visible. A couple dots of Velcro on the visor flip mirror and your product solves both those problems. Plus, law enforcement types appreciate folks not rummaging around for this stuff during traffic stops".

 A Note From Our Legal Department: We seriously doubt the claim that a CountyComm ID Placard placed on non-CountyComm equipment will create a fire. We also can not recommend the idea of using a "Bogus" business cards. Be true to yourself, and others will be true to you.


Customer Reviews

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This is seriously the best wallet I have ever owned.

ID Placard

Excellent for keeping bags organized so I can I D contents quickly by the placard. Well made as usual.

Cool Velcro patch

Only wish they had one in grey to match my mid- range and satcom bags

Velcro ID holder

Made extremely well and will hold several id's/credit cards. I paired this with a MOLLE Vehicle Visor Tactical Panel Organizer and it works great at holding my insurance card or any other card I don't want in my pocket.


Great quality!

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