Woven Dyneema® Matrix Card Holder - CountyComm
Woven Dyneema® Matrix Card Holder - CountyComm
Woven Dyneema® Matrix Card Holder - CountyComm
Woven Dyneema® Matrix Card Holder - CountyComm
Woven Dyneema® Matrix Card Holder - CountyComm
Woven Dyneema® Matrix Card Holder - CountyComm
Woven Dyneema® Matrix Card Holder - CountyComm
Woven Dyneema® Matrix Card Holder - CountyComm

Woven Dyneema® Matrix Card Holder

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Dual Pocket Design!

( Each Dyneema® Card Holder is 100% Unique & Made From Sails )

Holds up to 12 Cards + 10 Bills Comfortably ( Less is more )

Here’s just the ticket when you need to carry just the minimum amount of ID and credit cards and a little cash, or you need a 2nd throw-down wallet for your personal cards.

Made from 4 layers of stretch resistant Dyneema®  Matrix Sail Cloth. It’s  incredibly Strong and resists, moisture, sweat and the elements. Woven Matrix Card Holders are made of super durable material and constructed featuring double stitched nylon piping around parameter. It’s made to last.

Limited Edition Custom Run



High performance Dynema® sails give racers an edge on the water and create a perfect ultra lite wallet with a single universal pocket. The bold recycled kevlar that covers this wallet is one that demands attention in any setting. Made from the most durable racing sail to keep your cards protected.

Dynema® has a high tensile strength to weight radio; by this measure it is 5 times stronger than steel.

[Please note that due to the rarity of performance sails the tone of color may vary.]
Fully lined
Spot clean only
Dimensions: 4"h x 2.8"w x .3"l

Weight:  .34 Ounces

Each Wallet is 100% Unique  

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
FOBean (Washington, US)
Amazing little minimalist wallet.......

Well first off, I have a MASSIVE wallet collection. 95% of them are HQ leather wallets, from Craft and Lore (I have 24 of their wallets, including the Port, Twobit and a couple of Insider's) as well as Ashland Leather, and a TON of Hide and Drink wallets from Amazon. My point being, i will ONLY buy full grain leather wallets. I also have a Dango A10, C01, D01 and M1 (with ALL of the accessories you can buy for EVERY wallet). I also have the CC Zipper Key Pouches in the Rev 3 & 4, as well as the brand new Half-Zipper wallet that's much easier to access than the old zipper key pouches, so I think I have a pretty good idea of what a good/great wallet is LoL 😁

As im sure everyone can agree on, the more we pay for a specific product, the "better" we typically think it is, correct? I have a few Craft and Lore Reversed Natural and Reversed Black Horween Shell Cordovan wallets in both their Port design AND their Twobit design models. The Port's cost exactly $237/shipped and the Twobits cost exactly $162/shipped and they're my absolute FAVORITE leather wallets, bar none.

Now onto the $6 Dyneema 2-pocket sail cloth wallets that CountyComm makes/sells. This is honestly one of my favorite wallets I've EVER bought and owned. In fact I've bought well over 10+ of these and will continue to buy them until they're gone for good. I have kept a handful of them and gifted the rest away to family and friends. In fact, I just bought two more so I have a good supply just for myself and wanted to see if they're the same HQ ones i first purchased well over a year and a half ago. J can definitely attest that they are indeed the exact same wallets, and I'll be buying another 5-10 of them very soon.

I just love everything about them, from their ultralight weight and design, the fact that they have a good "grip" on however many cards and bills you're carrying, their cool design and that they're double stitched to ensure a long and prosperous lifetime. Yes, I love them that much that I keep buying them because im afraid they'll run out forever and be discontinued without me having at LEAST 5 for myself. So I guess I should quit giving them away LoL 😁😂

For the $6 they cost each, they're worth every penny and then some IMO 😎👍 The RARE times im not wearing my LAPG Atlas STS pants and shorts (like when im going to a wedding or something nice like that), I ONLY take this with me. Uts absolutely perfect for what I carry, which is 6-7 cards and anywhere from 0-15 US bills. Just don't carry much more than that and then try to just fit the 6-7 cards and no cash, because it WILL stretch.

The ONLY con/negative that I can find, and the reason I ordered two more for MYSELF, was the fact that I took this along with me to a job on a hot day, and I left this in my backpack, in my car on a HOT day. When I went to retrieve it when I got back home, it had stretched out considerably and I can no longer use it to carry what I normally do. The cards and cash EASILY come out just from turning it upside down. So I would definitely recommend NOT leaving it inside of a hot car or it'll be pretty much useless after that.

But as long as you take my precaution about leaving it inside of a hot car, this is the BEST sub-$10 wallet in my entire collection of over 90 wallets, and one of my favorites in my entire collection, no matter the price range!!!

Stock up and buy a few while they're still available ✌️🙏🕺

Ian Lundgren
Better than more expensive options

I bought this and an @rcdry wallet that was 2x more expensive. I only use the woven dyneema now. It's rediculously light and durable... With an industrial aesthetic.

Jesse (Aliquippa, US)
Light, strong, holds a nice amount

I got this as a backup or travel wallet, but it has enough space for most of the extra junk I keep in my main wallet too.

Susan (Richmond, US)
Great wallet!

Much lighter weight than any other wallet I've tried and I've tried alot. Love it!

Alex (Plainfield, US)
Great profuct

The wallet has a great size and holds cash and cards very well.

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