Zulu Four Buckle Watch Straps by Maratac ~ - CountyComm
Zulu Four Buckle Watch Straps by Maratac ~ - CountyComm
Zulu Four Buckle Watch Straps by Maratac ~ - CountyComm
Zulu Four Buckle Watch Straps by Maratac ~ - CountyComm
Zulu Four Buckle Watch Straps by Maratac ~ - CountyComm
Zulu Four Buckle Watch Straps by Maratac ~ - CountyComm
Zulu Four Buckle Watch Straps by Maratac ~ - CountyComm

Zulu Four Buckle Watch Straps by Maratac ~

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We are both proud and excited to now carry Maratac™ brand Zulu® watch straps. These straps are everything we could want in a watch strap for use in a high stakes environment. The nylon is both soft but firm with laser burnt holes leaving no nasty burrs to irritate your wrist or wear on your wet suit. The buckles are made from brushed high grade 316L Stainless Steel that has extremely low (if any) magnetic properties making these straps ideal for use with your dive compass as well as your watch. These bands are a one-piece design that weaves through your watch for maximum watch security during wet operations or just around town. King Neptune has enough watches. He doesn't need yours too. We would gladly put these bands up against any other band on the market as the most rugged and secure available. Solid and robust with no frills.

Just In: Maratac™ Zulu® 4 buckle bands. These bands have an additional set of rings that prevent any possibility of your watch moving on the band. These bands also are available with Darkened "Low-Lite" finished 316L Stainless Steel hardware or simple brushed 316L Stainless finish.

(Note: 20mm Fits SARs and Marathon Navigators and many civilian watches, but you should measure to be sure)

(Note: 22mm Fits Most Luminox and Seiko Dive watches, but you should measure to be sure)

Customer Reviews

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Best straps available

These are the best, most comfortable and durable straps on the market.

Great Band!

This was my first Zulu strap. I was impressed by the quality of the product. I wear it with the Omega that I received as a gift almost a decade ago and it looks great.

Maratac Watch Bands

These bands are very durable. I decided to try a Maratac Nato style band over 10 years ago because I was replacing my band 2-4 times a year. I figured if the band lasts a year, I'd be happy. 10 years later (constant use) it still is in excellent shape. The ultrasonic welds (on ends and holes) are all still intact and have not shown any cracks.

Had to get one for a new watch. It hold the watch more securely and is much more comfortable than the factory band.

Combat Sub is home!

I really love the Maratac Zulu Four Buckle Watch Strap. It pairs really great with my Combat Sub watch with Arabic numerals and orange accents. The strap hardware and material are very high and both appear and feel strong enough to last, but, most importantly, it does a fine job supporting my watch, keeping it in place during high output activities. I've never had a four buckle strap before and can't imagine using another strap for my Combat Sub (42.5 mm size). Other than the excess length of strap (once secured to wrist), which I cut for my approximate 6.6 inch wrist and then had the end burned to avoid fraying, it was perfect out of the package. Worth the shipping, exchange and duties to this Canadian, living in rural Ontario.

Zulu Four-Buckle NATO Watch Strap

This is by far the best strap of its kind that I own. It was the first brand I purchased, but almost ten years later it's still far superior to the many other brands I tried (some because they were more expensive and I was curious to see if they were better...). I own at least 15 four-buckle NATO straps (I change them at least daily, like socks), so I know what I'm talking about. :) The fabric is supple but extremely durable. More color choices would be good, but the grey with PVD buckles is PERFECT. Its complex, deep ash-grey color is dark without being too dark. It has hints of blued steel without being actually blue. It has the bada** look of olive drab without the drawbacks of wearing OD in a civilian setting. My oldest ones have aged extremely gracefully; the wear from long hikes in rainy mountains and hot deserts around the world has given the nylon a mellow granite sheen, and the PVD buckles now have a slick, polished gun-blue luster while still non-reflective. Their resistance to fraying kept them 100% functional. Of course, my latest new grey one is my favorite of my collection. I wish I had a button-down shirt of the exact same color...

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WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov