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CountyComm boasts cutting-edge capabilities, featuring 7-axis CNC technology, precision lathes, advanced metallurgy expertise, versatile molding, and more. We deliver top-tier manufacturing solutions.

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    Precision Grip

    Deep knurling is a process used to create a pattern on the surface of a material by displacing or deforming the surface. Knurling is done to increase the friction on a surface, and is performed on our in house 7 Axis CNC / Swiss Lathe.

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    Stainless Steel

    Heat treated to improve the strength and hardness of cutting tools, enhance wear resistance, make cutting tools stronger and bits longer!

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    Pocket Clip

    Easy to clip onto your shirt, pants, or gear bag!

what our customers think

"Awesome product, I carry mine almost daily with torx bits for knife adjustments on the fly."


"I have the raw titanium version and it’s a phenomenal timepiece."


"Already made 4, maybe 5 purchases from you guys over the past 2 weeks. You do it right!"